If you copy them you may violate some copyright law and you will burn in guitar hell!!! In fact all the exercises in the Acoustic Guitar Workshop’s slide course were recorded with an old, small body Hofner, that I found in Denmark for 20 pounds. Slide Guitar Songs. 3. guitar pro. The lightest tunes from music's heaviest hitters . To play slide guitar and not hit the string you’re going to want to raise the action. 3. Vaseline Machine Gun Leo Kottke • 6- And 12-String Guitar. Shares (Image credit: Frank Micelotta Archive/Getty Images) Slash might've said it best: "There's no lying with the acoustic guitar. The 25 best acoustic rock songs. 3:03 0:30. Bottleneck Blues - Instrumental John Fahey • The Voice Of The Turtle. Eric Clapton. Although, in this post, I wanted to put together a list of what I think are some of the best acoustic guitar songs ever created and share them with you. Rollin And Tumblin Acoustic. 3:08 0:30. Led Zeppelin. By Joe Bosso 23 August 2019. Slide Guitar Tabs. Plains of Waterloo / James Connolly Martin Simpson • Bootleg USA. There are so many amazing acoustic guitar songs out there that it’s hard to narrow down some of the best and I’m sure that I’ve left a few out. In My Time Of Dying. How can I play blues slide guitar on an acoustic without the slide hitting the strings? Posted Dec 02, 2016, 13 tabs. With added compression, like the old purple pecker, or rack effects, the slide sounds great. This kind of puts your guitar out of action for other forms of playing, so generally most dedicated blues players will have a guitar they used just for playing slide. 773 songs. 2. 1. 4. 5:39 0:30. In Slide Guitar Lessons are two of the most famous open tunings: G Open and D open and a series of blues with several riffs and turnarounds to learn how to use the slide The Best Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons to learn how to play in the style of the greatest Bluesmen such as Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, Son House and many others. Pay attention to the tuning in each song + 408. Weissenborn, Dobro, Acoustic bottleneck, 6 string, 12 string. Play on Spotify. All slide guitar tabs are my interpretation of the songs and they are only for my own personal study. For electric players, the fenders have great natural sustain. Check out that early Ry Cooder sound. There's something very pure, and very humbling, about it." Instrumental acoustic slide guitar songs By earlybert.