Chapter 2: Culture. Search for: Values & Norms. Put anthropological concepts and thinking into business language. 22 VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY REVIEWVolume 27 Number 1 Spring 2011. design featuresFthey become part of the circulation of other social values. So, as Jay Hasbrouck would say, it could well be called Ethnographic Thinking! C. The Beginnings of Modern Anthropology . The articles in this special issue of Current Anthropology were developed from papers originally presented at the Wenner-Gren international symposium “Crisis, Value, and Hope: Rethinking the Economy,” which took place in Sintra, Portugal, September 14–20, 2012. In the United States, one value is freedom; another is equality. If you want to learn more about how anthropology brings in-depth to the Design Thinking approach, I reccomend you to … In the 19th century modern anthropology came into being along with the development and scientific acceptance of theories of biological and cultural evolution. Anthropology is a subject that helped me understand the value in diversity, especially today, where conflict surrounding culture has become so escalated. Indeed when I was educated in anthropology during the 1970's, it often seemed that that everything of any importance that could be said about political economy was said in the nineteenth century, and consisted almost entirely of arguments about the proper theory of value. What can you do to publicize the value of anthropology to the business world? Anthropology, “the science of humanity,” which studies human beings in aspects ranging from the biology and evolutionary history of Homo sapiens to the features of society and culture that decisively distinguish humans from other animal species. They promoted anthropological knowledge for its political, commercial, and humanitarian value. These values can come from a variety of sub-cultures or social institutions. Try two long-standing business tools, the elevator pitch and the value proposition. Anthropology is usually classified as a social science along with disciplines such as sociology, economics, political science and psychology but it has much in common with natural sciences like biology and geology as also with religion and art in the field of humanities. Anthropology-Scope and Value. Cultural Anthropology. Values are abstract concepts that certain kinds of behaviors are good, right, ethical, moral and therefore desirable. The value of ethnography in Design Thinking is immeasurable. Regardless of one’s major, anthropology is a subject that everyone should take at least one course in, since it provides a different way to view the world, that could begin to form one into a more knowledgeable global citizen.