's CompAnalyst platform offers: For a real-time salary target, tell us more about your role in the four categories below. 7 + years experience Within the same size category, though, there is a predictable descending order of income from the brewmaster on down. To make it scan a little easier, the darker blue the cell, the higher the percentage. Salary: The salary of a craft brewer ranges widely, depending on their experience and education, as well as the size of the brewery they work for. Should we identify a candidate who could manage others in the process? Nearly half (44%) have no plan at all, and another 27% call the plan they have "bad.". What if there are more shift brewers on the West Coast and more master brewers in the South? Average Total Cash Compensation. Job Openings for This Role. Finally, owners do pay themselves differently, but not as you might initially expect. In the chart below, the percentages refer to the job in question. After removing some suspicious responses and those from outside the US (sorry Canucks! Administrative/office worker $37,167 - … We're definitely seeing women entering this profession. Assistant brewer $23,292 - $36,871. The national average salary for a Brewery Representative is $27,817 in United States. Employee Flight Risk, A third of all owners have no paid time off compared to 20% of all employees, and owners are less likely to have a health care plan (51% have no plan) than employees (43% have no plan). Owners make more in raw numbers, but when weighted to reflect the difference in position, they actually pay themselves nearly $10,000 less than comparable employees: $31,576 for owners versus $41,099 for employees. Brewers earn more at larger breweries, and they earn more the higher the climb up the ladder of hierarchy. (In fact, 56% of all respondents receive between eight and 21 days of PTO and nearly a third receive two weeks or more.). Head Brewer. The dividend was smaller for other positions, but still substantial: 15% for head brewers, 9% for lead brewers, and 8% for shift brewers. There is work to do, but a lot of the worst-paid brewers are at small breweries (many of which are themselves start-ups). Job. Filter by location to see Brewery Representative salaries in your area. How to Prevent Coronavirus when Shopping in a Supermarket? Owner $43,333 - $225,930. To offer a quick summary, here are the key findings: I was pleasantly surprised by these results. Health CareHealth care is difficult to assess. Below is a breakout of the responses. Bachelor's Degree. The more-established and larger breweries offer their brewers a decent if not lavish menu of wages and benefits. Owners are also less generous with benefits. As a result, small-brewer brewmasters often make less than head brewers, lead brewers, or even shift brewers at bigger companies. So for example, 19% of brewmasters have zero days off; 15% get up to a week off, 27% get 8-14 days, and so on. How much does a Brewer make in the United States? $36k. As I mentioned in my earlier post, jobs can't be reduced to an hourly wage or salary. The following table is going to be difficult to read on phones, but it shows how size affects what salaries brewers are likely to make. A degree in brewing also increases wages. In order to normalize the different blend of job titles being compared, I weighted all the salaries in this section. It's difficult to try to create answer categories that capture all that nuance--and it's actually unnecessary. By contrast, 71% either had a bad plan or no plan at all. Paid Time OffOne in five brewery employees get no paid time off--including sick time. Finally, I wanted to be able to see if owner/brewers treated themselves differently and so I asked whether respondents were owners or had an ownership stake. Does your brewery have a champion for this new piece of equipment? They give some feeling to the dry numbers that follow. Getting a degree is costly and time-consuming, but it does have a noticeable effect on a brewer's salary. Would owner/brewers pay themselves differently than brewers who worked for them? Owners make more in raw numbers, but when weighted to reflect the difference in position, they actually pay themselves nearly $10,000 less than comparable employees: $31,576 for owners versus $41,099 for employees. Salary for Industry: Brewery. Salaries of eight different jobs in craft beer. Nearly half of respondents (45%) received no additional benefits beyond PTO and health care (if they received those at all). This is only a sample and has the same margin of error any sample does; I am satisfied that it's fairly representative of the brewers in the US. But there are many small breweries in the sample where the brewmaster may be the only brewer. Over half of respondents get a week or more, and almost a third get two weeks or more. Size of BreweryThere is a quirk in the data that we'll see going forward. The amount of sick time offered, medical benefits, retirement planning, child care and more may all be necessary for a worker. I am very pleased with this data set. Source: Wikipedia (as of 04/25/2019). Education and ExperienceThere are two things brewers can do to improve their salaries: get a brewing degree and get more experience. Owners are also less generous with benefits. Search thousands of open positions to find your next opportunity. There are a number of ways to confirm that it's both valid and representative when you start looking at the numbers, and at each of those points, the distribution looked as one would expect with a robust sample. It may be done in a brewery by a commercial brewer, at home by a homebrewer, or by a variety of traditional methods such as communally by the indigenous peoples in Brazil when making cauim. This is reflected in the graph at right, which shows the average across all salaries offered in breweries of different sizes. (The sample shown has been weighted--see explanation below.). Region, Size of Community, and OwnershipI wanted to see how other factors might affect what people earn, so I had questions about the size of the community and region of the country in which the brewery was located.