Luna is another ukulele brand with a lot to like, and while this might not be the cheapest baritone ukulele, we’ve named it as the best in terms of value. This model from Kala is an acoustic-electric model, so it includes the electrics you need for amplification. The Kala MK-B is the best baritone ukulele under $100 meaning you or your child can start learning with less pressure to carry on having spent a lot of money on the instrument. It is known for its increase in number of frets (18 to 21 frets for a baritone). You need to play this with your buddies to get the full effects of a Bari-Bass. Sold … The comfortable neck is another reason we’re so happy to recommend the Luna, it has a C-shaped neck, and this, combined with the fact it is a bigger ukulele, means that it is ideal for those with larger hands or who find some ukes uncomfortable. Okay, so we’re willing to admit that things can start to get a bit confusing when it comes to ‘what’s a ukulele and what’s a guitar?’. Ohana BK-35GCE Baritone Ukulele All Solid Mahogany w/ Pickup "Rain" - BACK IN STOCK $389.00 $599.00. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It has a great look to it and suits those who want to play more intricate songs. The company, while smaller than many… So, is it worth considering? It has a comfortable playability too, the neck is designed to be thicker than most and allows you to enjoy playing chords or moving further up to jam with some melodies or complex solos. We wanted to include an option on the list that is great for people who love to solo, and play closer to the body of the ukulele, and the FM-CEB lets you get higher up the fretboard for some interesting melodies, due to the fact that it has a clever cutaway design similar to that you might see on acoustic guitars. The Luna introduces a six-string design, just like an acoustic guitar. There’s no denying the fact that this is one of the more unusual models on the list, and if you are looking for a six-string uke then you probably already have a very clear design of what you are looking for. Even those optional controls are tucked away in the soundhole. The brand dominates in the world of ukuleles, and this is mainly due to their consistent brilliance. This wouldn’t be out of place in the hands of a professional musician, as it is a top-quality uke, but it also doesn’t cost a fortune. It has a great look to it and suits those who want to play more intricate songs. Andrew, I just bought a big, warm sounding Mahogany baritone uke by Ohana. It even comes with a free gig bag. This could be a product you had no idea you needed… until now! What if you aren’t skilled with tools, don’t have access to a shop, or simply don’t want to risk ruining your instrument? Prices for installation vary depending on the type of pickup and where you’re having the work done. You can model the tone as it has an inbuilt EQ, as well as a tuner. Another acoustic-electric option, this time from the Lanikai brand. This Baritone Electric Ukulele, with its dual nature, will make you famous in no time. Of course the choice is yours but I think you’ll be far happier with a Piezo pickup. If you are looking for the best baritone ukulele under $500 then this could be well worth considering. This is true even if you’re shopping online; just ship your ukulele to the dealer, have the pickup installed, and your newly electric ukulele will be returned to you ready to plug in and play. An endpin is included for complete installation, however there is no onboard preamp – which isn’t exactly required, but which is recommended unless you’re using a compact amp like the Roland Micro Cube with an audio link jack. 2) Kala KA-ASAC-B Baritone Ukulele. While there’s nothing really complicated about pickups, it’s a really good idea to be well-informed before you shop. Randon Acoustic Guitar Pickup Piezo Contact Pickup for Guitar Ukulele Violin, Mandolin, Banjo, Kalimba, Harp. Armor Ukulele Gig Bags. It has a koa design, which is actually quite a traditional wood to use on a ukulele and it often gives a bright tone, but the larger design combined with the wound strings actually provide a deeper, bass tone. If you’re familiar with electric guitars, you’ve probably heard of humbucker pickups. Piezo crystals inside the pickup transform the vibrations into a signal that moves through the preamp and into the amplifier, which emits those vibrations as amplified music from your ukulele. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. There is also the choice of whether you are looking for an acoustic model or you want something that has a pickup and inbuilt electronics. Most orders are eligible for free shipping. 4.2 out of 5 stars 130. Baritone ukes can also be great for those with larger hands who might struggle with some smaller ukuleles. It’s really not designed to play on the beach and have a singalong, but if you want the uke equivalent of a bass guitar then this is for you. These pickups rely on a ribbonlike transducer to pick up the vibrations your ukulele makes while you’re playing.