Fortunately, all the best styling products for thin hair men mentioned in this article are believed to be super effective at combating hair … Best for: Every single guy (especially those with thin hair). Continue reading for our guide to styling products for guys with thin hair. For more personalized hair … Hair paste is a go-to, everyday styling product that will slightly add shine, texture, and depth to men with short and medium length hair. Next in our list of best men’s hair products for thin hair is Hair Plush. It is best for persons with thin hair to make use of styling products that would also protect the fragile follicles from more damage. This is a “go-to” hair thickening product for an army of thinly-haired gentlemen. Best Styling Products For Hair Thinning. This Serum is a one-of-a-kind product that contains caffeine, which is known for fortifying hair follicles and promoting healthy hair … Slicked, wet hair is timeless—whether it’s a work-friendly Madison Avenue look, or a biker-vibes nighttime style—and the best hair gels for men can help achieve these hairstyles. When styling, avoid products that are too dense, like (most) pomades and gels. Having thin hair can have its drawbacks, but luckily there are many hair products available to add volume, texture, and general oomph to your hairstyle.