Spain is home to hundreds of different olive varieties, many of which are used to make the best olive oils in the world.But Spain’s table olives are equally impressive, and the colorful variety of table olives available in any local Spanish market is stunning. Olive recipes make entertaining a breeze! by Sharon123 (1) Black Olive Tapenade With Rosemary and Plum Jam. by auntchelle (3) Black Olive Tapenade. Delicious black olive tapenade. Rocket and Cashew Pesto is a great quick and easy recipe!. This black olive tapenade recipe from Bobby Flay evokes the South of France with its robust combination of rich Nicoise olives, garlic and anchovy fillets. Black Olive Tapenade has many uses! Try either theBlack Olive Dip or Green Olive Dip if you can’t get enough olives!. Recipes like our Grazing Platter, Artichoke Olive Tapenade and Coconut Prawns, can be prepared in advance and then you can party with your guests! Another Black Olive Tapenade Recipe. by Recipe Baroness (9) Black Olive Tapenade. by bmann (1) View All Recipes I Want to Discover.