Bake . However, flouring a cake pan after you’ve greased it is not absolutely necessary, and some bakers opt to simply grease their cake pans because the flour can contribute to a thicker, drier crust on some cakes, which some consider unpleasant. But you may not know that you can bake a delicious Bundt cake even if you don’t have the right pan. Over the years, Cake Pan Cake has been one of King Arthur's most requested recipes. Total. Pam Baking spray works really well. Thankfully, you can use many types of cake pans for your Bundt cake recipe. I use aluminum foil pie pans all the time, no cleaning. And now we're proud to name this our 225th Anniversary Recipe of the Centuries. You probably have the perfect Bundt pan substitute in your kitchen right now. Some recipes suggest buttering, buttering and flouring, or lining the bottom of the pan with parchment paper only. Yield. 30 to 35 mins. In these situations, you simply have to forgo a bit of the outer crust. If you're making angel food or chiffon cakes, however, the recipe may say not to grease the pan, as the beaten egg whites in the batter need to hold onto the pan to ensure proper rising. (Essentially, the cake will slide out of the pan without a hitch.) Get an angel food cake pan which works great or get a aluminum foil one. Most recipes use egg yolks as well as the whites. Heck put the batter in any pan you got that can stand 350 degrees in the oven, make sure to butter it well so the cake will come out okay. For those who want to bake sphere cakes have a range of ball shaped pans from which to choose, but you do not need a ball pan to make a 3D cake. This cake bakes in two halves at the same time in the oven. Yep, it's true. Sponge cakes are best baked in a straight-sided tube pan without a nonstick surface. Bundt cakes are delicious—this is a known fact. What to Use Instead of a Bundt Pan. This allows the batter to puff and grow on the sides, and it also allows some ease in removing the cake from the pan. Prep. Dark, moist, delicious, and CHOCOLATE, this is truly a cake for all reasons, all seasons — and for bakers (and their family and friends) everywhere. Here's a little baking secret—bundt cakes can be made without bundt pans. Also a bundt cake pan is good, I think you can get a foil one too. The ingredients likely sit in your kitchen, and you can use your favorite cake mix or homemade recipe. 35 mins. 5 mins. You won't wind up with the decorative cake top (which means you'll need to do some decorating yourself if you want your cake to look pretty), but you will have a cake shaped like the traditional round ring.