I’ve done it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We have one goal: to help power your story with plants. Usually we drive so the kiddos and I have a vehicle. Blenderless smoothies are totally possible! I’ve done this both ways and both are effective. You need 2 simple supplies to get started: You’ll also need some specific, yet simple real food ingredients: To make your smoothie without a blender, follow these two easy steps: I’ve done this with raspberries, blackberries and an overripe banana. Your email address will not be published. At the end of one of the aisles was a blender demonstration. You can use the bowl method and then use this blender to whisk the ingredients. And for good reason: The mixer helps home cooks and bakers make an incredible range of foods. But what do you do when you want to make a smoothie and your blender is in storage during a move, or when you don’t have a blender? Shoot, that’s why I wrote a book about smoothies! Required fields are marked *. You need 2 simple supplies to get started: A glass jar. We believe in giving back to our community and the planet. Put all of your ingredients in a tall glass but don’t fill it more than two-thirds full. Free shipping on orders over $50+ (After discounts). Save on every order plus get free shipping and samples Banana Smoothie Green Smoothie Berry Smoothie Mango Smoothie Protein Smoothie Any Type of Smoothie. Which brings me to today, where I plan to show you that with the right ingredients, you CAN make a smoothie without a blender! Obviously, this method relies on having pre-blended produce. Making homemade mayo was put on hold since our immersion blender was packed up too, and I even put our beloved smoothies on hold too. From the kitchen to the bathroom. That’s why it should say softened butter And I only use a slotted metal mixing spoon for creaming (yours might be packed up, though) because the butter squishes through the holes and helps it blend really well. Optionally, you can put a lid on the jar and shake like crazy. Welcome! Add matcha powder. Mash ripe banana with fork at bottom of your glass. Directions: Add fresh, soft berries to a glass. I'm Tiffany - blessed wife and mother of two living outside Atlanta, GA. Best for: Berry or juice-based smoothie. 3B: Use a Bottle to Shake Iced Matcha Latte. (Also, you can make mayonnaise with a whisk. Cool Whip Smoothie Recipes 29,108 Recipes. You can use the bowl method and then use this blender to whisk the ingredients. Five minutes later, he was picking out which color blender he wanted (read the full story here). My husband was drawn in immediately. Grocery stores use sneaky marketing tactics so you stay in the store longer, buy things you don’t need, and spend more money. Hopefully your move is going well and you are getting settled-or will be soon. Mash it with either a whisk or spatula until it’s as smooth as it gets. I experienced this during my move across the country, and learned a few tips and tricks for making smoothies without a blender! Pour in the pre-blended smoothie and again, either stir well or put on a lid and shake like crazy. An immersion blender smoothie whips up in no time. Thank you for the oven door tip. Unfortunately darling, you can't use your electric mixer in making your midnight craving for smoothie. Our commitment to sustainability starts at home. Got more frozen chicken than you know what to do with? I think I would have put the bowl in the oven for 5 minutes and then tried . … P.S. Best for: Nut butter or berry recipes that you want to smooth out. If it’s cold I’ve sat the bowl on top of the electric fire for a bit, lol. Enjoy your smoothie made without a blender! I believe you can eat real food without going broke AND without spending all day in the kitchen - come join me! A Beginner’s Guide to Plant-Based Protein, How to Make a Smoothie Fast, Without a Blender. Better make that smoothie of yours in the morning instead when everyone is all up :D Good job, and way to stretch the storebought smoothie! Thank for share…. You’re likely to run into added sugar, emulsifiers (i.e. What I really mean is that you don’t need that big honkin’ 72-ounce blender on your counter to make a smoothie for one. , Very nice. Learn how to make a smoothie without a blender with just 3 ingredients and this simple tutorial. Thanks for the post, I’m saving this for next time I make a smoothie! It’s your place to be inspired, be motivated, and stay on track with your clean eating goals. https://www.myfoodandfamily.com/recipe/052951/cool-yogurt-smoothie And then I wondered… would it be possible to make a smoothie without a blender? with your Vega member account, Nutrients in Vega products can support the immune system New here? Save on every order plus get free shipping and samples. My blender and slow cooker are on my list for sure if we do this again. I can make just about any meal with those two appliances. Electric Mixer - This is not just for baking, although mixing the milkshake’s ingredients is a piece of cake with this machine. Keep an eye out for your first email.We'll be sending fun stuff including special offers, articles and recipes made just for you! Grinding my own wheat for homemade bread is impossible without a grain mill, a blender or a food processor. Kinda makes me want to try! While holding hands. Shop Now, Nutrients in Vega products can support the immune system If you do want to get into the attachment game, you can upgrade to the $74 model, which is the same basic hand blender with a cup, mini chopper, and whisk included. soy lecithin), preservatives and “natural flavors” or “natural colors.” Look for ones that say pure fruit, 100% fruit or something similar. Which kind of smoothie are you looking for? when you join our email list and receive more offers, recipes, and nutrition tips.