Neon Tetras . On the cardinal tetra’s sides is a red strip running along the bottom half, and the upper half is a lighter blue. But I was wondering what your opinions were on these two fish. etc. Neon Tetra. Check out the difference between the neon tetra vs the cardinal tetra below. They are also a bit smaller than Cardinal Tetras, rarely reaching an adult size of more than 1 inch. Neon Tetras do best in soft acidic water with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5 and a hardness level of 5 to 10 dGH. Hence, we can say that neon and cardinal tetra can be great tank mates for each other. Neon Tetras have been in the aquarium trade longer than Cardinal Tetras and are usually the less expensive of the two species. Which seems to have better behavior? It must be taken in groups of at least eight. The Cardinal Tetra and the Green/False Neon have 26 and 25 chromosomes respectively, while the common neon tetra has 16. However, the neon tetra is actually one of the harder fish to care for because it gets scared and sick quite easily. Neon and Cardinal Tetras are almost similar except for the red band that runs along the lower part of their body, to easily tell them apart just observe how the red band has been spread. By Aldeeman, 5 years ago on Tropical Fish. Neon Tetra Aquarium Fish - Popular Beginner's First Fish. The cardinal tetra is another popular community tank fish. Let’s do a little neon tetra vs cardinal tetra comparison so you can make an informed choice in terms of which fish is better for your home aquarium. I mentioned four "neon" tetra. The neon tetra aquarium fish is one of the most popular beginners first fish tank mates because of its bright color. This species was discovered by Heiko Bleher in 2006 and has yet to be described and named. For a 10-gallon tank, three neon tetras and three cardinal tetras are a perfect combination. Cardinal tetras are larger than Neon tetras, and their red stripes do not cut across the abdomen like neon tetras, but continue throughout the body. Ex: Which one looks prettier in your opinion? The cardinal tetra reaches 2 inches in length. Neon tetra and Cardinal tetra is probably the best tetra combination ever. Neon Tetra. They swim in the middle and lower levels in the aquarium. They are peaceful community aquarium fish. The cardinal tetra: The cardinal tetra looks just like the neon tetra, but it has no silver. They are swarm fish. Cardinal vs. 3,090 3.1K. According to preliminary DNA studies, this new species is very close to the true Neon Tetra, whereas the Cardinal Tetra is genetically closer to … They should be fed in groups in aquariums. Difference Between Neon Tetra And Cardinal Tetra (Quick Answer) INFO CARDINAL NEON; ORIGINS: South America: South America: SIZE: 2 Inches: 2.5 Inches: LIFESPAN: 5 Years: 5 Years: TANK SIZE: 20 gallons+ : 10 Gallons+: … They have peaceful attitudes, and are rarely aggressive toward one another. Hi everyone, I know that these two fish are very similar in look, size, etc. Neon Tetra. For the Neon tetras, the band starts from half its full length and extends to the back, whereas the Cardinal Tetras red band covers the lower full length of its body. Cardinal vs. These fish will not only live together but if the cardinal tetras are small, then they will form school with neon tetras.