The material used for sharpening is diamond abrasives, the hardest thing out there. 100% diamond abrasives are used in the sharpening process. This chart was designed to help you select the best Chef's Choice electric knive sharpener for your needs. Chef’s Choice 120 is not built to work on the thinner edges. At Sharpening Supplies, we test the products we sell. Not only does it restore blades in seconds, this electric sharpener is designed to sharpen all sizes of straight edge knives with ease. You just place the knife in and let the machine do the work. Description. If you stumbled upon this page and are unfamiliar with the 3-stage variations from Chef’s Choice, feel free to check out my reviews on the 1520, 120, and trizor xv.In case you didn’t know, Chef’s Choice are to electric knife sharpeners, as Starbucks are to Coffee! If you are in doubt of which particular Chef’s Choice model to choose, then you can go for the Chef’s Choice 130. But out of the top 3 electric knife sharpeners discussed in this review, the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station also has the highest rating – averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars. Chef’sChoice 6150000 Food Slicer has beaten many to become the best selling electric meat slicer in the market. Not only has it received great amount of feedback from customers. It is a three-stage sharpener with a pre-sharpening and sharpening stage, followed by a third stage which hones the blade of the knife. Edgecraft Chef's Choice A sharp knife is a safe knife, so keep your knives looking and cutting like new with this Edgecraft Chef's Choice 110 Diamond Hone 3 stage professional knife sharpener. Model 320: A simplified, cheaper, dumbed down version of the 3-stage sharpeners is how I would describe this. Chef’s Choice 110 Professional 3-Stage Knife Sharpener is expensive, around $80-90, but it works, providing you with a quick and easy way. Join the discussion today. Electric Knife Sharpener Comparisons • Hybrid Knife Sharpener Comparisons • Manual Knife Sharpener ComparisonsFood Slicer Comparisons • Waffle Maker Comparisons • Hot Beverage Appliance Comparisons Electric Knife … Chef's Choice Electric Sharpeners. Please use the links below for product comparison charts. Read the Chef's Choice electric knife sharpener - Model 115 vs 120? By testing our sharpeners, we can provide recommendations based on actual hands on experience, and not just the product specifications. discussion from the Chowhound Cookware, Knife Sharpener food community. It has a large capacity carriage that lets one slice continually using the sharp 7.5 inch blade. to sharpen your kitchen (and not only kitchen) knives. The 3 years seem to be standard for mostly all the electric sharpeners offered by Chef’s Choice. The Chef’s Choice 110 is a professional knife sharpener and can sharpen a variety of knives including hunting and household knives. Foolproof, 3-Stage System Designed To Work On 20 Degree Blades; A Good 3 Years Of Warranty Should You Need It – Chef’s Choice 120 features a 3 year warranty. This marvelous creation by Chef’s Choice can smoothly cut through meat like hot knife on butter.