Permits: 1. Construction plans also differ from specifications: A construction plan tells you what you will build, while specifications … The format is tied to the Oregon Standard Specifications for Construction, with the standardization reducing construction disputes. Proprietary specs are used when you need to use a single type of product for any kind of installation. For example fence quantity lengths used to be shown on each plan sheet until it resulted in multiple contractor disputes over the total bid item length and the itemized lengths in each construction … Proprietary Specifications . Municipal building to be obtained by: … Construction plans are different from a construction company’s business plans, which tell little about specific construction projects and more about how a company wants to develop its business. These are the least common of the three types of construction specifications… Building plans, specifications and construction, as appropriate, shall be completed by Contractor in accordance with BOCA national building codes. Sample House Plan Plans … SDSCAD is not liable for errors once construction has begun. A. The contractor shall verify all dimensions and enclosed drawing. Here are some examples why it is important that a City Street or County Highway Superintendent be able to read and understand \ൡ set of construction plans.\爀屲These are not all the reasons, there are … specifications and any changes made on them ... and responsibility. B.