Service will resume on the 1st December. 1996. A book that readers will be eager to turn to again and again. 1991. It focuses on some of the key theoretical contributions to such debates from the work of Marx to that of Baudrillard, as well as key contributions to the discussion regarding the historical character of the consumer society from the work of Vance Packard to that of David Harvey. Consumer culture is seen to provide new ways of creating social and political identities to the extent that consumer culture is actively redrawing questions of difference, struggle, and inequality. People’s relationship to consumer culture is meaningful and reflects, and potentially reproduces, particular values and forms of status. Consumer Culture Theory is one of the most exciting areas of interdisciplinary inquiry today. ION Chapter 1 provided an overview of the area of research for this study, by identifying, among others, the objectives of the study together with the importance attributed to the study. A sociologically informed view of the theoretics of consumer culture, this engaging collection of essays by a distinguished group of international scholars orients readers to the interplay of ideology and materiality in the contemporary world. was to become consumer culture theory arose as a follow-up to the marketing research interest in motivational theory in the 1950s. Nava, Mica. Consumer culture gives us the tools to express who it is we are, but while doing so it simultaneously reinforces an economic system in which the individual’s ability to be free or to choose is, ironically, constrained. This collection of essays by highly reputable CCT scholars provides an exciting textbook for understanding consumption as primarily a social and cultural activity, rather than as a psychological process. Sociology 24.1: 5–22. This collection brings together a wide range of the key contributions to debates on the significance of consumer culture. The different chapters represent a wide variety of theoretical traditions, methodological orientations, and empirical settings and manages to give room for necessary stylistic idiosyncrasies, without ever compromising the consistency of the book as a whole. In this sense consumer culture arguably lies at the heart of the relationship between structure and agency in contemporary society. Perspectives on consumer culture. This chapter will focus on the area of consumer … In one of the most comprehensive of the key textbooks on consumer culture, Sassatelli presents a rich interpretation of the diverse range of theoretical approaches to consumer culture. The volume delivers a range of challenging theories in an accessible and exciting manner without in any way diluting the power of the ideas. Inspection copy update April 2020: Due to the current restrictions in place in response to COVID-19, our inspection copy policy has changed. Newbury Park, CA: Pine Forge. 2d ed. It is bound to become a major resource for CCT scholars and students at all levels of their career. Instructors: To support your transition to online learning, please see our resources and tools page whether you are teaching in the UK, or teaching outside of the UK. Cambridge, UK: Polity. Please refer to our updated inspection copy policy for full details. Consumer culture came to sociological prominence in the 1990s and 2000s as scholars came to recognize that consumption was significant for its own sake. Featherstone 1990 examines the sociological significance of the accumulation of material culture, while Ritzer 1993 looks at the way in which rationalization functions in the context of consumer culture. Slater, Don. 1990. As such, McDonalds is effectively a metaphor for a world that makes us consume in particular ways. A field which is characterised as being theoretically challenging is made accessible through learning features that include case study material, critical reflection, research directions, further reading and a broad mix of the types of consumers and consumption contexts including emerging markets and economies. A range of books have sought to demonstrate the significance of consumption to social change. PDF | On Jan 1, 2007, Roberta Sassatelli published Consumer Culture: History, Theory and Politics | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate This textbook offers the definitive review of CCT by the leading scholars in the field. June 2018 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd, Chapter 1: Consumers Volitional Identity Projects, Chapter 2: Family & Collective Identity Projects, Chapter 3: Critical Reflections on Consumer Identity, Chapter 4: Consumption Tribes and Collective Performance, Chapter 5: Consumer Produced, Emergent & Hybrid Markets, Chapter 6: Glocalization of Marketplace Cultures, Part 3: The Socio-Historic Patterning of Consumption, Luca Visconti, Shona Bettany, Pauline MacLaran, Robert L. Harrison III, Kevin D. Thomas, Samantha N. N. Cross, Part 4: The Ideological Shaping of Consumption Practices and Consumers' Co-creative Appropriations, Chapter 11: Neoliberalism and Consumption, Chapter 12: Social Distinction and Practices of Taste, Chapter 13: Consumer Resistance & Subaltern Consumption, Jayne and Hans Hufschmid Chair of Strategic Public Relations at USC Annenberg, Professor of Marketing, University of Southern Denmark, Professor of Marketing and Tanenbaum Chair of Entrepreneurship, Schulich School of Business, York University, Professor of Marketing, University of Birmingham, Professor of Advertising and PR, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University, Jr. Herrick Chair of Marketing, University of Notre Dame, Bilkent University, Turkey and SKEMA, France, McClelland Professor of Marketing, and Professor of Sociology, University of Arizona, Resources to help you transition to teaching online, Consumer Culture Theory is one of the most exciting areas of interdisciplinary inquiry today. Specifically, Featherstone highlights the emergence of postmodernity, which is effectively characterized by a situation in which individuals lives appear to be more controlled by structural processes and yet freer at one and the same time.