Many people also prefer to use the electric grill because it does not need much space and also produces very less smoke. That is a good deal of cooking space as it lets you set large slabs of meat at a time! There are lots of electric grills on offer and most of them carry a reasonable price tag. Pre-heat the smoker Just keep it normal, keep calm and cook like a pro! (Update 7/27/2018) Oh and if you are looking for even more foods to smoke, check out 10 MORE Foods to Smoke in Your Electric Smoker. Proper ventilation and air circulation is required to produce smoke and move it through the smoker. Before we get too far into the guide, here are some useful tips and a simple recipe to help you smoke out the best whole chicken. I have a Masterbuilt electric smoker. The product also comes with a smart build which does not occupy too much of space externally. Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Smoker; Another great pick for a roomy electric smoker would be this model by Cuisinart, which offers 548 square inches of space. Tip 1: Choose The Right Smoke/Wood Chips Flavor Unless you are new to using electric smokers, you know that wood chips come in different flavor options. It works great. Most electric smokers have an adjustable vent at the top of the device, and you can use it to control the amount of smoke on the inside. If you read the directions with your smoker it says nothing about soaking the chips, only the bag of chips does. Smoker won't smoke by: Joe from Tennessee . Let’s say that you have purchased an electric smoker, and you are preparing a fish meal that might be overpowered by too much smoke. Electric smokers typically utilize an adjustable door near the bottom of the smoker, as well as one at the top to allow proper ventilation. They use a cup of water to produce the smoker and a wood chip tray at the bottom. I have a Royal Oak electric smoker E1609B this smoker is awesome I think the problem is you are soaking the chips that method is meant for gas and electric grill smoking. No Smoke When Using My Electric Smoker by: Willy Mac . So, it’s time to get smoking–meat that is. of 225 degrees. Adjust these doors to provide enough air to allow the chips to burn and move the smoke. Please do not put too many wood chips inside the box, because it would produce much smoke. The electric grills are ideal grill machine options for people living in condos and apartments where they do not get outdoor space. Electric smokers are powered by the electric supply in your house. We hope that you will try out one of these 10 Foods to smoke in your electric smoker. Never let your smoker produce too much smoke. Normally, these smokers cook the food at relatively high temperatures. As it is already smoky or foggy outside, and you did it more by adding more and more wood chips in the electric smoker. I've found most recipes in the "Dadgum that's good, too" cook book call for a temp. (I only use cured dry wood chips too.) At that temp.chips won't get hot enough to smoke. An electric smoker uses electric power to smoke up your food. This page has 10 more ideas for foods to prepare in the electric smoker.