Depending on who you are, the ensuing comments might be controversial or maybe they are old news. According to the 2019 Match report, 8,116 internal medicine positions were offered, the highest … At my institution, the residents and faculty have equal sway in forming the rank list. With EHR it is even easier to ignore the problem assuming that’s what EHR does. Compared with 2019, family medicine residency programs in the 2020 NRMP Match: Offered 557 more positions (4,685 vs. 4,128) ... and tips on ranking programs and interviewing. This should beget humility in the resident selection process. Incorrect use of board scores in the ranking process solidifies bias against nontraditional and diverse applicants. Hi Scott! Certainly, why someone is pursuing a medical career or a specialty is key to success (and possibly an opportunity to decrease an individual’s burnout potential). Consider a situation where applicants “A” and “B” were equally liked by resident interviewers and were similarly involved in extracurriculars. However, it isn’t the only factor to consider when ranking residency applicants. Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore) 2. Western Centre for Public Health and Family Medicine, Research News: Racialized trans and non-binary Canadians report increased harassment and violence, Commentary: What Canada learned (and didn’t learn) from the SARS pandemic, Announcement: Doctor of Medicine program successful in all accreditation categories, A look back: Insulin's centenary - the birth of an idea, Funding: Research team to receive PSI Foundation Research Grant in the amount of $20,000, Announcement: Dr. Michelle Marlborough appointed Assistant Dean, Postgraduate Learner Experience. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As one who is now only a patient, I can tell you it doesn’t. One’s ability to get along with other residents is important. I was concerned. Trying to move away from haphazard character judgments, I focused on applicants’ board scores and clerkship grades. Clerkship standards also vary from institution to institution. August 20th, 2019 Bias in the Residency Ranking Process Scott Hippe, MD. I argue that clerkship grades are not much better. Mostly everyone shows their best face at interviews. Terms of Use | You want a clinically solid incoming class who know their stuff and can keep up with the rigors of residency. But the Match doesn’t eliminate all sources of bias, especially when it comes to test scores and clerkship grades. Consider the imperfections inherent in the metrics we use to evaluate medical students. Some of us perform better on such testing than others of us of equal intelligence. A new report from Trans PULSE Canada provides insight on the unique experiences of racialized trans and non-binary Canadians. The Match process provides a decent place to start. Copyright © 2020 Massachusetts Medical Society. The three key primary care fields are internal medicine, family medicine and pediatrics. As a retired psychiatrist who devoted many years to C-L psychiatry my exposure to a variety of physicians across specialties was an exceptionally large sample. Scott Hippe, MD, is a Chief Resident at Family Residency of Idaho in Boise. Research News: Racialized trans and non-binary Canadians report increased harassment and violence. Here are the top 25 residency programs for internal medicine, based on the number of nominations received: 1. I cannot say whether there is one completely perfect way to conduct applicant ranking. This entertaining and informative read by someone more than “just qualified” might spark some thinking about how the process might start to develop such a metric. Above all, I propose emphasizing a central evaluation criterion: An applicant’s potential to serve their community and the common good with their medical training. Web Standards | Character is very important, but without skill and knowledge, it is not enough. Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston) 3. Residency Navigator gives medical students a transparent look into U.S. medical residency programs, powered by over 315,000 peer nominations, ratings and hand-written reviews. *too often MD’s think about “diagnosis and treatment” without including “care” as the nursing profession does. The College of Family Physicians of Canada, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Human Resources. It is particularly important … Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore offers the best clinical training in internal medicine, according to Doximity's 2018-2019 Residency Navigator..