But if at any time they separate, the father will need to petition a court to establish custody rights. 2006-09-23 20:37:21 2006-09-23 20:37:21. If one parent objects to home education, the judge might order the child into public school. Child abduction is a reason to lose custody of a child. He does have visitation rights from 6:00 pm Friday until 6:00 pm Sunday this week. Peter told the college students that they were no … He has made a change. Top Answer. When a Parent Refuses to Comply with Court Ordered Visitation February 20, 2012 One of the most frustrating family law situations is when one parent has a court order for specific visitation (also called timesharing or parenting plan) but the other parent refuses to follow the court’s orders. If an unmarried couple is raising their child together in the same home, custody is not an issue. Father Won't Bring the Child Back After Visitation Hello: My daughter just returned from the police station here in town and said that the police will not make the father return her son to her. 10 years ago, I fled the childrens father due to domestic violence.He recently got in touch with my boys and I. Asked by Wiki User. Long story short. Facing Child Custody or Visitation Interference? Shortly thereafter, her father died in service during the Civil War. Home Family Law and Divorce Divorce and Children Child ... meaning that if the custodial parent consistently refuses to allow the other parent any time with the children, a court may decide to transfer custody of the kids to the non-custodial parent. Similar scenarios can happen whenever homeschooling families split up. Mary Ellen was born in New York City in 1864 to Thomas and Fanny Wilson. She boarded her child … What's more, the answer to questions like moving a child from a home state (or even county) vary by jurisdiction. Get Legal Help Today. In this situation, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) allows the state where the parent has taken the child to issue an emergency order to return the child home. 15 16 17. That is a very long code section so we won't place its text here. Wiki User Answered . If the parents are not living together or are not intending to raise the child together, the father … Some custody or visitation questions are very case specific and can't be easily summarized or answered. He wanted to visit the boys for spring break and the boys wanted to go, so I let them. Answer. What should a custodial mother do if father refuses to bring the child home? Her mother was forced to seek employment to care for herself and her daughter. The important thing to remember, regardless if you are the custodial or noncustodial parent, is to always abide by the court child custody order. Our focus is how California Family Code 3048 defines it. The denial of child visitation rights are most commonly thought of as situations in which a custodial parent blatantly refuses to allow the non-custodial parent to see the child. A New York man refused to let his 21-year-old son back into his home after the college student went on a spring break trip to Texas. The Kurowskicase is not unique. Child abduction may have different meanings to different people. We do however encourage you to read it.