Our Showroom will be available for pre-book meeting only and under COVID-19 restrictions. • Higher tannin content for reactive stains fuming and ageing. French Oak Superiority over Eastern European Oak, American White Oak and Chinese Honey Oak: That said, one thing to watch out for is how the wood has been dried, with warnings that vacuum kiln drying can cause internal problems to the structure of the wood. WildOak logs are selected from Tronçais (a French National forest), grown in the Allier region in deep rich loamy soils. Because the sap wood in European oak trees is relatively thin, you can typically expect to find long lengths and wide widths of European oak. Irrespective of which continent your floor comes from, the grade and colour you plump for will depend on the look you’re hoping to create, as well as your budget. Used broadly across most types of furnishing, it is a sought after flooring option because it is so hard wearing as well as stunningly good looking. Generally speaking, American oak is treated with a polyurethane finish. White Oak is actually a mix of browns and tans, making it darker than Red Oak. Question 4: French oak vs. American oak: what’s the finish like? Our French Oak hardwood flooring uses only Oak from France because it has higher tannin content than any other Oak around the world. Harvesting French Oak from these regions is vital to ensure a high tannin content that is contained in the wood. Terra Mater has conscientiously built a reputation for responsiveness both for customer service and market fashion trends and will continue to this proud tradition as we continue to grow with and support our customers. Quercus alba is the white oak which is commonly found in North America. copyright® 2018 ArrowSun Australia Pty Ltd |, Kitchen Floor Battle Royale: Hardwood Vs Tile, Redesigning Your Kitchen – Why Timber Floors Are More Sustainable, Wood or Tile? As a wood species, oak is one of the toughest options available, making it a really popular choice for both furniture and flooring. In the French oak vs. American oak debate, another difference is the finish of the flooring. Over time, this will need to be touched up and refinished. The most obvious difference between the two types of oak flooring is their color. Live Sawn White Oak, also referred to as French Cut White Oak flooring is the result of straight cutting the log all the way through from the outside bark to the heartwood center and back to the bark on the other side. One of the major benefits of European oak is that it lends itself particularly well to finishing and doesn’t expand and contract to any great extent. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Why Wood Flooring is Better For Your Bathroom, Wood-Fired Ovens Go Nicely With Hardwood Floors, Bedroom Accents that go with Dark Wooden Flooring, Website Hosted by Eye To Eye Graphic and Web Design. Tannin (from the German word Tanna or Tannenbaum meaning fir tree) is a substance made from the polyphenolic compounds that are found in the wood. LEARN MORE. their R&D team creating a stunning designer floor. Used throughout history in the likes of ship building, wine ageing, drum making and even in medical preparations, oak is a really popular choice in interior design. These excellent growing conditions produce very rapid growth with minimal lateral expansion resulting in an extremely tight grain. FRENCH OAK HARDWOOD CORE COATING QUARTER SAWN SURFACE TECHNIQUES LOCKING SYSTEM. This means that white oak is a bit more more durable and bit less prone to denting than red oak, but there’s really not that much in it. Both species are know as 'White' Oaks and are durable and strong, with a longstanding reputation of longevity. Twelve months was invested working closely with With a broad colour spectrum, you can expect to find oak flooring options in everything from light, grey tones to dark, warm honey colours. • Tighter grain structure producing a more dense timber suitable for flooring. Oct 29, 2013 - Explore Candleman Floors's board "European White Oak French Oak" on Pinterest. • More stable raw material suitable for Australia’s harsh climate. Only a handful of manufacturers around the world appreciate French Oak harvested from its correct origin so they are able to manufacture market leading flooring products. The name White Oak might make you think that this flooring is lighter in color, but in fact the opposite is true. Two of the main global producers of oak are the United States of America and Europe. Oak trees can live for hundreds of years, withstanding everything nature throws at it. Just like the quality of the raw material being so important, so too is the manufacturing process. Red oak is also typically exported from the United States. This is why ArrowSun has partnered with our Malaysian supplier (Indonesian Factory). Irrespective of which option you choose, your flooring supplier should be able to reassure you that the wood has come from a sustainable source and satisfies all your requirements. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. • Tighter grain structure producing a more dense timber suitable for flooring. White oak flooring is more water resistant than red oak White oak is a closed grain wood and many of the pores are plugged with tyloses which makes it more resistant to water and decay. One of the main reasons for oak being so tough is the age of the oak tree before it is felled to make timber. As a wood, oak boasts extreme strength and hardness, making it particularly resistant to insect and fungal attack. Red Oak has pinkish and red tones throughout. French Oak Hardwood Flooring: French Oak is considered one of the most exquisite wood species and it plays a significant role in French wine making. COVID-19 Update | Online and phone orders, samples, as well as, deliveries are operating normally. Red oak is also typically exported from the United States. Like other wood species, both European and American oak comes in various grades and colours. Our Showroom will be available for pre-book meeting only and under COVID-19 restrictions. This makes French Oak the best timber for ageing, fuming  and applying the latest reactive stains as they react with the tannin producing amazing unique colours that simple stains cannot achieve. One inherent difference is that the tannin content is much higher in French Oak than all other oak. Quercus alba is the white oak which is commonly found in North America. European oak is typically light to dark brown in colour and is a particularly hard, strong and heavy wood. The high content of tannin means that our reactive stain technology is far more effective in achieving a subtle reaction with the wood resulting in different tones and colours that cannot be found in other oak. There are a few distinct qualities that set French Oak apart from oak sourced out of Eastern Europe, China and America. A tree that typically doesn’t grow as tall as the European oaks, it is a broad tree, which means it can be used to produce nice wide plank wood flooring. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.