The French approach to beauty is always enhancing your natural features! So it is with good reason that the country’s pharmacy brands are heralded by all in the beauty industry as top notch: the French know how to give good skincare. Do as the locals and head to one of Paris’ many pharmacies. This daily face moisturizer is formulated for sensitive skin, which means it's preservative- and fragrance-free. Rather than paying for the branding, you’re paying for the efficacy and efficiency of the formula inside. The Hormeta white brightening glacial mask will provide a glowing skin tone that won’t go unnoticed, even if you were out dancing all night. If you have dry skin or need a more intense moisturizer, go for the Hydraskin Rich option. 11 Skincare Products To Try Now Injectables Are Off The Cards. In every French woman’s bathroom, you will find 4 products: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer. The new generation has arrived with rare, local ingredients. French Pharmacy brings together all the beauty products from leading brands that are clean, gentle, effective & clinically proven for all skin types. WeChat Pay and Union Pay right now. It's also dermatologist-tested. House99 is our new favorite for French men beauty routine! It helps to purify and tighten the pores.”. Floral water is also a good option. For more information visit Our stance is definitely not as radical, but French women do take their perfume seriously. Our favorite exfoliator is the Leanorbio Velvety Exfoliating Cream. Outfits suddenly look chicer and everything takes on an elegant air, thanks simply to one small tube of red lipstick. Their bathroom cabinets are usually full of pharmaceutical dermocosmetics.”. When visiting France, this where were you must stock up on French skincare! The French aesthetic has always been minimalistic when it comes to beauty, with healthy, fresh skin being a key element to any look; the cardinal rule, however, is never to look too “done”: “It’s rare to see fake eyelashes, fake nails or self tan on a French girl,” says Vincent. It’s made with organic donkey milk and gently removes dead skin cells while leaving your healthy skin moisturized and glowing. In every French woman’s bathroom, you will find 4 products: cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer.Which are always chosen according to skin tone and specific needs, and they are of course bought at the pharmacy. As mentioned earlier, these new brands can be hard to find at your local cosmetics store. The cleanser gently removes makeup from face, lips and eyes while also hydrating skin. Exertier is a new brand and has quickly become a favorite in France. 17 French pharmacy skincare products to buy, and where to find them online: A multi-purpose cream for everything from setting makeup in place to quenching dry skin. "This moisturizer is light and feels good on my skin," writes one reviewer. If you are in Paris, the biggest, cheapest and most convenient network of pharmacy to go to is Citypharma. Unless you’re looking for cheap items full of harmful chemicals. I packed in a panicked frenzy (don't even ask how many bags I checked) and arrived at Charles de Gaulle without a single skincare product to my name. Makeup artists and dermatologists are all obsessed with Embryolisee face cream ($28), which Gilbert says "provides a ton of moisture, has a wonderfully rich texture, and is an affordable option for those who don't want to blow half of their paycheck on Crème de La Mer ($170)." – but, as Vincent points out, our French sisters take a more measured approach to their routines: “They use few products but choose them carefully for their quality rather than based on hype, taking their mother’s and grandmothers’ advice for skincare tips and regimen. The skincare found here is different from that stocked in department stores and supermarkets, and it’s serious, dermatologically endorsed stuff. The secret of French women is to shop for the perfect skincare products at their local drugstore named “pharmacie”. Putting on a hint of your signature fragrance is an important last step in the typical French beauty routine. It’s basic advice, but you don’t need the same cream if you are living in the mountains at a high altitude or if in an urban environment. Featuring a French pharmacy must-buy list and Parisian pharmacy guide. £17.50, available at The French Pharmacy. Last, but certainly not least, it’s time to apply a moisturizer. It is important to choose the correct lotion according to your skin and the environment. “We want simplicity; we stick to our favourite products and are loyal to … And always follow up with a moisturizer, arguably the most important step in the French-girl skincare routine. Also available in: It is a spot good for perfume shopping but in terms of skincare, product availability will be limited. Whether you’re a beauty novice or skincare fanatic, get excited! Citypharma is located in the center of Paris. In any good pharmacy, beauty and healthcare specialists will provide guidance on the best skincare routine for your skin and needs. The texture is non-greasy and provides full sun coverage. When traveling in Paris, and entering a cosmetics shop you’ll be surprised by how small the skincare section is. You can also decide to create your own custom scent at some of the shops around the city. Klorane. 繁體中文 ไทย 日本語 한국어 Indonesia. “A good skincare routine for a French girl will involve cleansing, moisturising, putting on an SPF and a bit of lipstick…et voilà!” says Dr Marine Vincent, founder of The French Pharmacy and French girl herself, of the simple 4-part beauty regime we all long to adopt in our everlasting quest to be as insouciant as a real French girl. We offer the perfect skin care products that you will love and trust. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission. However tons of new French brands have emerged in the past few years and have won the hearts of beauty lovers! Whether you’re heading to one of Paris’ lovely parks or terraces or off to the beach, make sure to pack sunscreen. This magic water removes makeup and erases pollution while also hydrating skin. You’ll see Parisian beauties walking around and struggle to discern if they are wearing makeup at all. Scalp care is all the rage these days, but the French have been caring for their scalp for decades. Small, local pharmacies will have the name brands but not the hidden gems. The next step is toning. You’re probably already familiar with some of the most famous French beauty brands. You’ll find a bottle of “ eau micellaire ” in every French woman’s bathroom. Bioderma Another kind of water is just as popular when it comes to French skincare. And they are as respected as a family doctor! The iconic Bioderma Créaline H2O is one of the best, and most well-known, micellar waters. Protecting your skin from the sun is key not only for your health but also to keep your skin in the best condition possible. Algologie and Leanor Bio use only rare ingredients – natural plants from Brittany for the first and donkey milk for the second – to enhance and revitalize your skin. It’s basically magic. Harsh toners will not do your skin any favors, we recommend alcohol-free products with natural ingredients. Health specialists who work there have studied for years to be able to provide the best guidance on health and well-being. Less is more is definitely a French beauty routine mantra. Here at Insidr, we swear by Citypharma. If you are looking for a gentler option with more moisturizer, Patyka’s cornflower micellar gel is the perfect everyday product for you.