These laboratory … Repeated failure to wear approved eye protection will result in dismissal from the experiment … During the COVID-19 pandemic, an at-home laboratory program was created and implemented for a section of the general chemistry course at the University of Southern California. Copying lab reports is academic misconduct. You are required to wear approved eye protection in the laboratory whenever you are doing any experiment or whenever any experiment is being done in the laboratory around you (eye protection must meet ANSI Z87.1 impact standards). General Engineering ; Industrial Engineering ; Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering ; Technical Math / Technical Physics ; Fashion & Interior Design. A lab report is your opportunity to show that you understand what is going on in the experiment. Consumer Science ; Fashion; Interior Design; Health Professions. Basic Health Courses ; Clinical Lab … General Chemistry Laboratory Manual Fall 2015 Acid-Base Titration. Lab reports are due at the beginning of lab one week after completing the experiments. cooperative, project-based, authentic experiments in the general chemistry laboratory (ace-labs) The ACE-Labs course aims to offer an introduction to the science of chemistry from the point of view of … The experiments may be conducted and data collected in pair or teams, but all data must be analyzed independently. The experiments were designed to only utilize safe household items and no special equipment. Experiment(1 ... week of the missed laboratory experiment. Approval is usually only given for medical reasons (that is, if your … 1.