2 and the China Securities Regulatory Commission Zheng Jian Fa Shen Zi[1993] No. In 2019, Qingdao Haier Completes the Acquisition of Candy to Strengthen Global Leadership in Smart Home Appliances. The Qingdao, China-based company has grown rapidly to capture the number two spot worldwide in its core refrigerators segment, trailing only the United States' Whirlpool. 3 from the Qingdao Municipal Reform Commission on March 24, 1989 to establish a joint stock limited company through targeted fundraising based on the reorganization of the Qingdao Refrigerator General Factory. In 2014, in order to better implement the networked and globalized development strategy and promote the Company's transformation into a platform enterprise in the Internet era, it introduced KKR, a world-class private equity investment agency, as a strategic investor of the Company through an open mind and equity cooperation. Since 2008, the Company has accelerated the pace of asset integration and successfully acquired 392,677,482 shares of Haier Electric Group Co., Ltd. held by Deutsche Bank, with a shareholding ratio of 20.01%. By the time it has also started a production unit United States. The story of company’s social concerns stands as a model of inspiration for others. On March 11, 1993, approved by the Qingdao Municipal Shareholding Pilot Work Leading Group Qinggu Ling Zi [1993] No. 3. After the 1949 establishment of the People's Republic of China, the factory was then taken over and turned into a state-owned enterprise. 78, publicly issued public shares of RMB50 million to the public, raised funds of RMB369 million, so that the Company was changed from a targeted fundraising company to a social fundraising company. Partnering with the German company Liebherr, it started producing refrigerators. Today, Haier designs and produces a large variety of home appliances including television sets, washing machines, air conditioners, computers, refrigerators and mobile phones. In March 2000, Haier Group E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture; in May, 98.15% equity of Zhangqiu Haier Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. held by Haier Group Company was transferred. The core values of Haier are: design, quality and innovation and we look to bring new products that offer real value to the UK. Shareholder Return Plan for the Next Three Years, which systematically guarantees Qingdao Haier investors to obtain a high level of return benefits and enjoy the results of the Company's value growth at a deeper level.In October, the Company invested in the construction of 5 million sets of fluorine-free frequency conversion, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly air-conditioning projects in Zhengzhou,China through the establishment of Zhengzhou Haier Air Conditioner Co., Ltd. (the specific name is subject to the approved name of the industry and commerce). The final years of the century saw, Haier producing computers and mobile phones in China, thereby obtaining largest share in national market. The company also conducts sports events, charity programs in regular basis. In June 2016, the Company basically completed the acquisition of GE household appliances business and assets, and further expanded its global business space. The predecessor of Qingdao Haier Company was Qingdao General Refrigerator General Factory established in 1984, and the offering was approved by the Qingdao Branch of the People's Bank of China on December 16, 1989, which   was offically approved by Qin Ti Gai [1989]No. In 2006, the Company promoted the solution of inter-industry competition. Continuously integrating Haier Group's household appliance assets and  becoming a bigger and stronger listed company . The completion of the acquisition resolved the problem of horizontal competition between Qingdao Haier and four companies. After the completion of the transfer (completed in 2010), the Company held 51% of the equity of Haier Electric Appliances in a cumulative manner, making it clear that it is the flagship of white goods of Haier Group strategic position. Goodaymart commercial circulation business platform has further clarified the positioning of Qingdao Haier and Haier Electric. In the first half of 1996, an allotment plan of converting 3 rights shares for every 10 shares to 4 rights shares for every 10 shares was implemented with a placement price of RMB5.80 per share. Haier company represents 96 models with more than 15 thousand different models of the goods (washing machines, conditioners, microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, plasma panels, laptops, DVD players, LCD TVs, mobile phones and much more. Haier transformed from a traditional home appliance company to an Internet company, turning its traditional business organization into an open ecological platform. In 2001, Qingdao Haier once again publicly issued 100 million shares with an issue price of RMB18 per share. In March 2000, Haier Group E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture; in May, 98.15% equity of Zhangqiu Haier Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. held by Haier Group Company was transferred. Throughout the history of Haier, providing the best service has been incredibly important and will continue to be so. Haier made a profit of around 15 billion yuan in 2014. The origins of Haier date back long before the actual founding of the company. After the 1949 establishment of the People’s Republic of China, this factory was then taken over and turned into a state-owned enterprise. “Qingdao Haier History. Haier grew in China in coming years and had expanded its business empire by procuring Red Star, its main rival in electrical appliances manufacture. In the 1920s, a refrigerator factory was built in Qingdao to supply the Chinese market. In October 2013, the Company issued a public announcement on the non-public issuance of A shares to KKR (Luxembourg), which was reviewed and approved by the General Meeting of the Company that month. It competed with American and European companies to surpass them. Partnering with the German company Liebherr, it started producing refrigerators. The establishment of 42 sales branches to resolve domestic sales-related transactions and the establishment of its own independent sales platform has improved the Company's operating independence and made the operation of listed companies more standardized and transparent. The history of Haier brand began long before its immediate origin. .). In 2010, the Company integrated the Group's logistics business. Haier Appliances creates reliable, affordable air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, washers and home appliances designed for small space living. Creating a world famous brand and listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Decades later in 1984, Qindao Refrigerator Co. was established. According to Euromonitor, an independent business survey organ Haier group has a share of 10.2% in global retail volume. The company has also invested in real estate, logistics and finance and is thus aiming to be a top provider of life solutions in a global level. Find out more here. In August,the Company launched the Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd. Founding a new company. In many of Haier’s target markets, the company deliberately leaves out mention that it is a Chinese company in advertising and product brochures as they feel it would be detrimental to the brand if consumers associated the Haier name with China.