Here are 7 different types of adventure tourism: Thrill tourism is the best known type of hard adventure tourism. Hard adventure tourism stands for those options that require a bit of physical preparation. Whether you’re a DMO, a government-based tourism office, tour operator, hotel or resort, gear company or another related organization, appealing to both the soft adventure and hard adventure traveler—and even those who simply dream of being one—should factor into your plans. Adventure tourism is a new concept in the tourism industry. Climbing/Mountaineering. Types of Adventure Tourism There are two main categories of adventure activities, hard adventure or soft adventure, and vigorous debate often surrounds which activities belong in each category. There is no need to be a pro, but body balance, mobility and plain health conditions are pre-requisites for some of these adventures. Travellers have the possibility to also experience local cuisine, see wildlife and even live with natives. One of the key components in the ATMS is an analysis of the economic impact of adventure travel. Thrill-seekers don't have to get out of the city to challenge their climbing skills -- try … By contrast, non-adventure travelers ranked proximity to friends and family as the top criterion in choosing a destination. But by that time, emerging travel markets such as China, India, and South Korea will very well make up the difference. Olá, Somos a Nattrip, uma Agência e Operadora de Turismo especializada no Brasil: Para tirar dúvidas ou conversar com um dos nossos especialistas clique num dos ícones abaixo ou nos envie um e-mail para [email protected], ☏ +55 (21) 3264-0182 | ✆ +55 (21) 96931-8893 (Whatsapp) | ✉ [email protected], Nattrip Agencia de Turismo LTDA (Marca Registrada) | CADASTUR 19.038059.10.0001-8 | CNPJ 12.057.156/0001-98 -. Some 71 percent of them carry passports. The ATWS compiled data by asking respondents to indicate the activity engaged in during their last vacation. They include National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler and Men's Health. Note that the ATMS predicts that increases in adventure travel from the source markets of North America, South America, and Europe will likely plateau by 2020. That compares to 31 percent of non-adventure travelers. Certain publications and periodicals appeal to adventure travelers. Entrepreneurship: Adventure sports are a nascent industry compared to regular tourism; nevertheless it is already having a positive impact on the economy. The activities were then categorized as a soft adventure, hard adventure or non-adventure. On the other hand, soft adventure simply opens you up to explore areas that other travellers would not. On the other hand, hard adventure tourism includes activities which include risk and challenge. Natural beauty, range of activities, and climate ranked as highest priorities with adventure travelers when selecting a destination. Destinations interested in enhancing or establishing adventure travel attractions will find the data especially useful. Tour operators can also use the ATMS to more effectively target interests, objectives, and goals of the adventure traveler. Interest in soft adventure continues to rise. Among the most frequent sorts of Egypt adventure tours will be the so-called “standard tours”. These companies have you covered! Hard Adventure Adventure Tourism: Risk Positive and Negative Impacts of Adventure Tourism Overview of Adventure Tourism Overview of Adventure Tourism Overview of Adventure Tourism Positive and Negative Impacts of Adventure Tourism associated with at least one of the following: Since it is a niche, it requires specialized services and as a result, several entrepreneurs have started to cash in on the interest being shown in adventure tourism, and this, in turn, has helped to create several jobs. What to Know for Your Next Road Trip. You're Not Alone, New Data Shows How Americans Traveled This Summer, Road Trips Reign Supreme for Labor Day Travel, Rental Car Demand Is Soaring.