Seek the Good in Others. Here are some of their very wise answers: Watch funny YouTube videos. Still you should not want to dwell in those moments because that is not the sum total of your life. It springs from spiritual connectedness that creates an inner calm, peace and contentment. Joy is a sense of well-being. For instance fresh flowers bring me joy, so I try to always have fresh flowers in my house. Create a joyful journal. If you enJOY this podcast please SHARE on Facebook and your other fav social platforms. If your focus is on being thankful to God for the good things in your life, then the words you speak are going to be more uplifting—and the result is more joy for you. “Think about how kids are excited all the time,” Mr. Harry said. You may find yourself feeling substantially less harried and more capable of dealing calmly and consciously with whatever unfolds next. jacoblund Getty Images. Journaling is a safe place to write our innermost thoughts. I was able to find simple ways to put laughter back into your life, and mine. 7. It can serve as therapy for caregivers to write about the challenges, difficulties and darkest times as we take care of a loved one. Add joy to your life This cartoon was commissioned by media platform 5 as part of a series of cartoons about being alive . I find that a $4.00 bunch of carnations add great joy to my life and they last a few weeks. Close your eyes, let your body relax, take a breath, and come back to yourself. 1 Look for meaning. Yazdani: 'If I am trapped in a bad situation, I have two options: either do nothing and feel sad for myself, or try to find ways to add joy to my life. Once you have your list think about ways to add more of these things into your daily life, thus adding more joy to your life. I really sense that YOU are about to enter into a new season of joy unspeakable and FULL of glory. While the … Learn how to achieve joy in your life. So I sought out advice from my community. The idea isn’t to ignore your negative feelings but to give yourself permission to feel joy alongside the negativity. Add More Joy by Caring for Your Body ; The Word refers to your body as the “temple of the Holy Spirit,” and as such, it should be respected. It does not have to be expensive. In this podcast we discuss the Father's desire that our lives would be full and complete in joy. Below, you'll find expert- and science-backed ways to add more joy to your life—starting now: Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Get creative. By far, the number one answer was to tap into the laugh-inducing parts of YouTube. Here are some tips to help you add more joy to your life as a caregiver. How To Add Joy To Your Life by The Supernaturalist Podcast Show published on 2017-11-13T20:32:00Z.