Conclusion. With less surface area to collect dust, keeping wall-mounted wire shelves clean can be done with a periodic swipe of a microfiber cloth. I choose to use the 9″ shelf bracket. Wire storage shelves are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, and their installation is the perfect project for a DIY beginner. Update your shelving type based on your specs and storage needs. Decorative Shelving – Decorative Brackets This is also a good time to paint. You'll see how to create a plan specific for your closet. Closet Design & Installation Guide. 3s29 - Max Add-On Closet Organizer - French. 3S27/3S28 - 2-Shelf and 4-Shelf Closet Helper - Spanish. A ClosetMaid shelving system is designed to help you organize a closet, but you also can install a shelf anywhere you need it. 3s29 - Max Add-On Closet Organizer - English. You can do this by selecting any item resting on a wire shelf. It's also important to do some prep work. Check to ensure you have all parts prior to installation. They are also a fairly low maintenance closet shelving option. Rubbermaid twin tack shelving consists of several different elements. Installing. Lay out shelving on the floor in desired configuration to check your design and space requirements. Choose between various wire shelving options including: 12" Wardrobe, 16" Wardrobe, 12" Freeslide and 16" Freeslide. The universal track hardware too the guessing work out of this project and made the installation easier. First, two or more sets of tracking are installed vertically on the wall. The sleeve sticking out of the back of the clip will … Closet Systems. How to Install Rubbermaid Wire Shelving 1. This was a pretty straight forward project. First, remove your old closet system and repair the walls if needed using spackling compound, sanding and priming the surface. I choose the 10 x 36 size for this project. These are the Beechwood shelves. 3s29 - Max Add-On Closet Organizer - Spanish. MN304 - Two Tier Shoe Rack. Finally, shelves rest on top of the brackets. 3H94 - Add-on Shoe Shelf Kit. How to Install Rubbermaid Single-Track Shelves. If necessary, cut... 3. Before installing wire rack shelving, watch the Design a Closet Organizer video. Rubbermaid single-track shelves offer adjustable storage options for places such as a linen closet. 2. Push your wall clips into the holes the you drilled. The anchors for this are brilliant and easy to use. Second, shelf brackets slip into the parallel slots of the tracking. Install one in the kitchen to give yourself a little extra storage room, or install a whole system in the garage to help keep it organized.