Saved by Shirley Bolch. KETO Pepperoni Chips - Farberware Air Fryer - KETO Recipe - Low Carb Snack. 20. Air fryer recipes are awesome if you’re trying to consume less oil. How to Make Air Fryer Pizza. I decided to make this Mexican pizza recipe in my Power Air Fryer Oven.And it turned out amazing. If you need encouragement to purchase this lovely you go! Thinly slice the potatoes on a mandoline, about 1/16 inch thick. You’re essentially just placing the meat in between two layers of paper towels and cooking them 1-2 minutes until crispy. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes, then for 30-second intervals if the slices aren’t done. Pretty sure I went through about 15 potatoes trying to perfect these oil-free air fryer chips. Place the pizza in the air fryer. Add the pepperoni and the shredded cheese. Pizza. Load the pita bread with your favorite sauce. Wow, our pepperoni chips recipe is crazy good and easy. Lay the leftover slices in the basket—but don’t overlap them. 22!!! One warning though: these are addicting! I have recreated a few of my favorites using my air fryer or instant pot.. Be sure to check out my Homemade Marinara Sauce! Preheat the air fryer to 320°F. You can literally just place these in the microwave directly, no plate is even needed! Microwave Pepperoni Chips. I enjoyed these I don't think id make them to eat as just chips but they're great with dips (creamy pizza dip tomato sauce even sour cream based chip dip!). Layer 2 paper towels. You can also make your own sauce. You can use store-bought pizza sauce or store-bought marinara sauce. Crispy Pepperoni Chips Recipe. Last week, I made this amazing batch of crispy pepperoni chips, both my husband and I couldn’t stop eating them, they ware great if i you are KETo and looking for something crispy to crunch on, Then this week there was much debate if you could do the oven version of this cheese crackers in the air fryer, and guess what, it’s so easy, that anyone can do it, and it takes less than 10 minutes. Within just a few minutes, you can have a crunchy, salty and satisfying snack for lunch. Transfer to a medium bowl and run under cold water until almost all the white starch comes off and the … To make pepperoni chips in the microwave seriously could not be any easier! Pepperoni Chips! Add them to your lunch stash of crunchy celery for a fresh pairing. If you’re on the fence about making this Mexican pizza recipe in the air fryer, please just try this recipe and see how tasty it is! Chips are definitely a snack food that I miss since I have been making an effort to eat healthier and stay away from too much oil. They’re the perfect low carb and keto snack.