Infinity Symbol Meaning – What Does Infinity Mean. Using the infinity symbol to express forever love, what could be more romantic than that? All rights reserved. Some people think that incorporating the infinity symbol in jewelry is a … An infinity with 4 kids’ names may then symbolizes a testament to a mother’s infinite affection and devotion to the children. Infinity refers to something with no bound or limit, and was a concept used in mathematics and physics. Infinity can mean two individuals have decided to compete against each other. You may want to modify your “infinity heart” section. Some people think that incorporating the infinity symbol in jewelry is a recent phenomenon. Or that it is just a mathematical symbol that represents the concept of infinity. With this blog, I wish to impart my knowledge from years as a jeweler so that you can pick out gifts of everlasting love. Infinity Symbol Meaning for Love In ancient India and Tibet, infinity represented the dualism and unity between male and female. Infinite love When you and your loved one are so intimately connected, your hearts beat in sync, and you both know that no matter how far, no matter how long, you will always be there for each other, that's infinite love. If the infinity heart is often associated with romantic love, infinity cross is a statement of faith. while retaining the minimalist design of the Infinity symbol. infinity definition: 1. time or space that has no end: 2. a place that is so far away that it cannot be reached: 3. a…. In Christianity, the infinity symbol means similarly; it represents The Eternal Being, otherwise, known as God. Centime was born out of that dream, and I am grateful to be living my dream everyday. Sterling silver and white gold are two precious metals that look very similar to each other and are both commonly used in fine jewelry. Before talking about the symbolic sideway figure 8 that makes infinity sign so special, let’s talk about the concept of infinity itself. Its most popular use is as an expression of eternal love or unstoppable capability. There is a sense of eternity, so if this symbol comes up in relation to a love reading or query, know that your love is timeless and eternal. What does the infinity symbol mean in Christianity? With its harmonious shape, double infinity meanings also implies a beauty of balance or perfection. Notice how the infinity symbol looks like a ribbon? Roman numerals such as III and IV are pretty well-known. I happen to believe that limitless love is unconditional. "Infinite Love" is a single by Indian composer A. R. Rahman. In addition to Charlene’s excellent answer, it might be noted that many parents and children, or lovers, or friends practice a playful game of expressing love Person 1: I love you. Also, the infinity spiritual meaning is associated with resurrection and regeneration energy, symbolizing happiness and paradise. From death comes life and from destruction comes creation, an infinite cycle of renewal. Our modern take on the Double Infinity Necklace. The meaning assigned to an infinity sign could be love between family or friends or the love with God. In addition to its use in mathematics and its ancient concept, the meaning of infinity symbol has been transcended to become representation of eternity in modern arts and contemporary designs. Double infinity sign tattoo is also incredibly popular for the same reason, as it is an impossible doubling of what is already endless. Get Infinity Love Quotes and Sayings With Images. Learn about the different types of gold-dipped roses and what price you should be paying for them. Some of the most popular variations of the infinity sign meaning in modern culture and fashion include: An infinity symbol with heart necklace symbolizes never ending, limitless love.