Here are the 7 frequently asked HR interview questions for freshers. I’ll be happy to do it. No, you didn’t. Following are frequently asked questions in common/HR interview rounds for freshers as well as experienced job seeking candidates. No. What is leadership and how do you define a ‘good leader’?, There are many styles of leadership. I feel successful with continuous progress. Your company believes in providing superior service, and I share the same value. I look at my boss as a person who can easily relate with me, can make firm decisions, and is transparent. It was also a good learning experience for me because it only made me better at what I do. I would like to know what the next step for me are. … I learned that without proper coordination, even the simplest task could cause problems in a project. I try to achieve the set goals and work hard as much as I can. I value other people’s time and the company’s resources. All Rights Reserved. This is a nice and good blog. I’m a fast worker and hardworking person who can be a very reliable asset to this company. ADO.NET Entity Framework Interview Questions, Microsoft OFFICE :- More Interview Questions, Equity Trading & Dealer Interview Questions, Computer System Analyst (Software) Interview Questions, DATA ANALYTICS :- More Interview Questions, Oracle Warehouse Builder Interview Questions, Business Intelligence :- More Interview Quetions, Administrative Assistant Resume & Cover Letter, Manufacturing Production Interview Questions, 50 Most Common Interview Questions & Answers in HR round, Top 50 Call Center Interview Questions & Answers, Resume & CV Mega Guide: How to, Tips, Template, Format, Examples & Samples, Top 50 Leadership Interview Questions & Answers, Top 40 Behavioral Interview Questions With Answers,, © Copyright 2016. Talk about a weakness that can be turned into a strength, that can be viewed as a positive, It’s best to to give a better answer or alternatives, so give us an example. I would be proud to work for a company like yours with such a long history of leadership in the industry. It enables me to not only fit into your organization but complement the team as well. I would like to thank the teams that shared their experience to the needed. I would like to be in this company for a long time. My primary motivation is to achieve the desired result. And those are the question, I was been ask with. i got placed mnc company. Sorry. Being successful also means standards are not only reached but also exceeded wherever possible. Also, my two-year experience working with company X has given me the platform to master the skills that I needed to deliver for this position. Top Ten Interviewing Mistakes: “I’m a Perfectionist”. This is by far the most common HR interview questions for freshers and one whose answer must be on your tongue. That’s because understanding the different roles will allow each player to take on the role of others, in times of need. Skills without the right attitude will not contribute to productive output. please tell the answer for this question-what would you became after 2 years in the software development position. It was very helpful for me. I am a dedicated person who never stops working on something until it is perfect. I have only one philosophy when it comes to work: every piece of work, regardless of size, has to be done on time and in the right manner. I’d give a thumbs up! I have also participated in training workshops related to [industry]. It was a helpful read for me. Because I believe my talents and skills will definitely be a big contribution to your company’s continuing pursuit of excellence. Hmmm… From all the interview advices that I have heard and read, saying that your biggest weakness is “I’m a perfectionist” is at the top of tackiest and most used answers, and most pet-peeve for interviewers. Its working for us. As I have said earlier, my years of experience in this field is something that can truly contribute to this company’s success. I am also capable of keeping many projects on track and ensuring deadlines are met. I am quite aware of the company’s mission of acquiring the largest consumer base in the area to become the front-runner in the supplier’s or provider’s community. 1) Tell me a … At the moment, I am looking for a chance to apply my technical expertise and my creative problem-solving skills at an innovative software company like this one. Success to me is knowing that I am excelling in my performance and feeling fulfilled. My strength is my analytical and planning skills, developed over the years. Which one do you follow to get the work done?, Leadership is all about taking risks. It was a challenge for me to meet every expectation he made. From that time on, I made sure every I think follows every detail and coordination. For as long as management sees me as an asset, I am willing to stay. Being successful means goals that are set are being met. I am one of the top graduates of my batch in College. My strength is my ability to convert negative work environment into positive. I once had a job that does not exactly match my qualification. I have attended several self-improvements, time management, and personality development seminars. What is the best answer for the question reason for change? I once suggested that management and staff should have more regular meetings instead of quarterly meetings. I have generated over 100% excess revenue for two separate companies through cost-cutting programming efficiency, and I have leadership experience with a team of five IT professionals working on some of the popular iPhone apps online. Your email address will not be published. I pause for a few minutes, look out into the window. I believe the new position I am applying for will enable me to reach up higher and be more successful. But on top of that, it is the kind of place where I can fit in and excel, so I was thrilled to see you have this opening. I feel my skills are best fit for this job. Nevertheless, I was glad I took the job because it was an opportunity to learn something new and added to my list of experience.