Just ordered some more stuff from skar so we can go CRAZY with it!!! No complaints here!! Long story short, yes, it meets the audio enthusiasts demand. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Very happy with my purchase fast shipping would purchase from them again, Had a question about rp 150.4ab amp overheating playing the spx65 speakers and got no response or help with the situation now it’s been too long for help. Be the first to know about everything Skar Audio! #WoodGrainzUnlimitedEnclosures. Trust me, its worth it. Btw I have it in the skar prefab box, unbelievable!!!! Shocks me on how a 10 inch can handle 1000rms. The difference is night and day. I added an all Skar rear deck in my hatch with these, 6.5's and a pair of the 3.5" tweeters. I had to raise my back seat to do this build, but still nothing a person can't do themselves with some basic tools and some patience. Gonna buy a second one soon. Running a Cosmos 1000.1 mono. Works great and sounds good!!! SKARED FOR LIFE! I strongly recommend a custom box over the boxes you can buy for the 1500 Rams on Crutchfield. Have not had the chance to hook them up yet since I'm waiting on a custom box. I got the bass package of the 15 n the 1500 watt amp with 1250 rms I have the amp half way turned up n this this slams hard came in within 4 days n very happy of the sound quality of the set up, I have (2) ZVX 1ohm 15’s Strapped To A SoundQubed Q1-4500.1 In My 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser And Boy Let Me Tell You These Mofo’s Are NO JOKE! Any good? Love these subs!! I choose EVL over any sub Skar builds . I don’t have a problem out of the Skar 15’s I bought for another vehicle. Auto t/a, well ok, but good luck.L/R Eq needs to be independent.I will NEVER buy another proc that cant do both graphic and parametric. Wish I would of spent the extra and got the EVL's, but this next summer my girls getting my hand me down and I'll be rocking the EVL's lol. Recommend them. Affordable, efficient and good stuff! Subs hit hard and sounds great, but they are not handling 900 watts continuous. I have nothing bad to say!! So of course the love of being a bass head was going to be passed down to me. Very impressive for the size. I still have my back seat and an amazing sounding system. You will not be dissapointed. Re: Skar audio? Down4Sound matches all web pricing, and you get stickers, shirts, and lanyards…. All I can say is if you are undecided about a small subwoofer, pull the trigger, you will not be disappointed. These things are amazing for a shallow mount sub and for the price. 8 inch speakers but very powerful. Skar audio is king. But then I stumbled across SKAR audio. Makes for retards cranking them … Out performs the previous 2 12 set up. Worked perfect for my application. Definitely recommend. With the location of the terminals it’s pretty difficult to mount. The second hole I cut was 3” and it still barely squeaked past angling one terminal in first. These things rock, paired with the 1500.1. awesome product. Enter your email to be the first to receive news, special savings, and more! Every system I’ve ever had has consisted of 15’s, 12’s, and 10’s one time. 1000 rms 1 ohm. Nice and heavy also. They are running off of a Pheonix Gold MX800.1 monoblock. Now, I’ve had some bang through out my life, from being around my older brother growing up with him doing it to his rides and winning competitions with it. Very poor customer service, Skar audio is awesome I've ordered 4 door speakers tx68, an amp kit, a rp1200 amp and the 3 sdr 8 in box package all at different times the shipping was fast and all products been amazing. Skar is just a me too company. GOOD JOB GUYS. They take existing designs, slap a logo on and call it a day. Skar Audio is the way to go!! Spl and SQ all in one sub! I’m a Skar fan, but I keep losing money on these subs. level 1 This setup is a beast out of one sub. From my first 10” to 2 12”s to 2 15”s you name it. I ordered some RCA cables.The website was easy to search through and the payment page was on point it didnt take but maybe 5 mins max to make my purchase and get an email detailing what to expect next.I love this brand it's my personal opinion that Skar is the best brand for the quality and the price.I am getting ready here in the next few months to order my whole new car audio system and I can't wait to … I also have an RP-1500.1 on the way that will power two Alpine Type R 12's until I get a EVL 15. This boy has gobs of power and rarely gets hot. Super crisp & clear. The sound speaks for its self! This is my 2nd time having to replace one of them. Good products at great prices, and the rewards program is legit. The cutout really needing to be 3” and the mounting flange only 3.15” isn’t much room for error. Do you agree with Skar Audio’s star rating? Break’m In Right And You’ll Get Even Lower Bass. Just purchased my first EVL 10s , I have owned every brand except the DNRs and EVLs are my favorite. They will not replace the subs for you under warranty because it looks like the subs have over exerted (and probably have) But shouldn’t when u put 4 on 3500 watts rms.. After I replace this one I’m selling all four of them. the oa is a good sub man, its very musical. The last complete system I had was in high school, a long time ago, I had 2 12’s and was the envy of my peers. We focus on the innovation and development of new, superior, car audio products. I love Skar Audio! Very impressive for the size. Great job Skat! Have You Rubbing Your Nose And Clear That Ear Wax Out Your Ears!!!.. My current build is doing a 145 with 2 EVL 10s , under the Back Seat Box of 2003 F-150 . Because Steve Meade gave the stamp of approval on one of his YouTube videos. I got 2 10" VD series slim in my truck with a SKV2 1500 as well as all my mids and highs..all Skar. Auto eq is a joke. The response and crisp sound in a ported box these subwoofers give is absolutely incredible. This single 8, only powered by 200 watts rms, puts those to shame, I can’t wait to properly power them and hear what they are truly capable of. Skar Audio is a leader in car audio amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, and more. Shocks me on how a 10 inch can handle 100rms. Check out what 5,073 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Great job Skar! Been without bass for many weeks and am very disappointed in the level of customer service. Highly Recommend These Skar ZVX15’s To Anyone With The Space For BASS!