Growing Zone (USA / UK Hardiness): 9(b)-11 / Does not do well in the UK, grow as a conservatory or greenhouse plant only. Bignoniaceae + Synonyms. It measures 58 feet high, with a trunk circumference of 98 inches and a crown spread of 73 feet. - Jacaranda has many cultural references, in folk songs and legends, contemporary social references like "purple panic" to "exam tree". A Jacaranda mimosifolia in Santa Ana is registered as a California Big Tree. Jacaranda mimosifolia. Plant Details. Jacaranda ovalifolia R.Br. Erect with a High Canopy. Jacaranda mimosifolia flowering. species: mimosifolia. Scientific Name: Jacaranda mimosifolia Common Name (s): Jacaranda, Blue jacaranda, Green ebony tree, Black poui, Fern tree, Brazilian rosewood, Blue trumpet tree. D.Don. mimosifolia: Leaves like that look like that of the Genus Mimosa. Mimosafolia literally means "Mimosas leaves." Quick Growing and Care Guide. The species name "mimosifolia' derives from the Latin words "mimosa" and "folia." Additional Common Names. JACARANDA, FERN TREE, BLACK POUI, BLUE JACARANDA, BLUE TRUMPET TREE. Jacaranda acutifolia Bonpl. Tree Characteristics. Family: Bignoniaceae. Genus: Jacaranda. Family: BIGNONIACEAE Common Name: Jacaranda, Blue Jacaranda, Black poui and The fern tree. Jacaranda mimosifolia. Leaf. Etymology: Jacaranda: Latinised version of local Portuguese (Old Tupi) name for this tree ‘yacaranda’. Common Name: Jacaranda. Common name: Jakaranda Other common names: Blue haze tree.