4. 10" ICEL Cimeter (Scimitar) Knife with Black Poly Handle. The size of this cimeter knife adds accuracy and precision while shaving off pieces of meat. 3. It is used primarily for cutting large pieces of meat into retail cuts such as steaks. WALLOP Chef Knife - Professional Kitchen Chef's Knife 8 inch Razor Sharp - German 1.4116 HC Stainless Steel Japanese Gyuto Knife - Full Tang Natural Pakkawood Handle with Gift Box ... Cimeter knives are … 3. 10" Victorinox Cimeter (Scimitar) Knife with Fibrox® Handle. The patented Fibrox® handle adds comfort and provides a slip resistant surface. The black poly handle adds comfort while providing a slip resistant grip. Phone: 314-771-1550  |  Toll Free USA: 1-800-325-3251  |  Toll Free Canada: 1-800-361-3329 10" Victorinox Granton Edge Cimeter (Scimitar) Knife with Fibrox® Handle. 1. 3 times of strict quality testing by 100% for quality control. 5. The size of the cimeter knife is ideal for slicing through thicker cuts of meat. Copyright 2017 - 2025 BETTERMAG | All Rights Reserved | Powered by. Identify which Cimeter kitchen knives is best for you. Buy Japanese Knife and curved cooking knife at Bettermag! Don’t worry. Use Instruction:  Huge selections of over 1500 kinds of Japanese Knives! Always Best Kitchen Knives … There are so many different shapes, sizes, handle types, and materials to wrap your head around, that is is easy to get overwhelmed. The Wusthof Gourmet Cimeter Knife is ideal for precise cutting of sirloin, shank, and other meats. 3. On-Time delivery The patented Fibrox® handle adds comfort and provides a slip resistant surface. These are – the handle design, the blade edge, the type of steel, and the construction of the knife. Please keep knives clean after-use. This cimeter knife is designed for cutting off brisket, sirloin, or shank from larger portions of meat. There are four different qualities that distinguish the best Japanese knives from other knives. If you need Japanese Chef Knives, you've come to the right place. We ship Japan's top brand Japanese kitchen knives worldwide (over 100 countries) at special prices. After reading this guide, you will be able to distinguish… Read More »Complete Guide to Japanese Knife Types Cimeter Knives. The blade on this cimeter knife slices through meat with ease. We assure you high quality & fast delivery for all shipments. 4. Cimeter knives … Curved chef's knife and Japanese Cimeter Knife made by Bettermag are Ultra sharp, anti-corrosion & lasting longer. The black poly handle features a slip resistant surface for safety. Non-slip comfortable grip/ Handle. The curved blade and pointed tip increase precision for situations such as cutting off brisket, sirloin, or shank. 2. The Honesuki is an all-purpose knife well designed for poultry and boning meat. 12" ICEL Cimeter (Scimitar) Knife with Black Poly Handle. The Cleaver has a large, heavy, rectangular blade that easily chops through bones and tendons, and doubles as a great tool for smashing garlic. Cimeter (scimitar) knives have a unique blade design ideal for slicing through a variety of meats including beef, pork, poultry, and fish. Cimeter Kitchen Knives. Put the knives dry. We carry the most respected brand names to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Cimeter knives are an essential part of any cutlery arsenal. Manufactured from … Factory-direct price We have over 110 years of experience with supplying our customers with innovative cimeter knives. You can also Filter by model, type, size and blade material or pick one of our Cimeter kitchen knives feature picks. This heavy-duty knife is more … 2. Made by high-quality steel and plastic,non-toxic, eco-friendly, harmless to body. The curved blade and pointed tip increase precision for situations such as cutting off brisket, sirloin, or shank. 3 times of Heat Treatment for extraordinary strength and durability. 4. Cimeter Knives Cimeter Knives (2) Fillet Knives Fillet Knives (1) Fruit/Vegetable Knives Fruit/Vegetable Knives (1) Japanese Knives Japanese Knives (25) ... Thunder Group JAS012330 13" Japanese Cow Knife … Fashionate design We made a comparison of 10 noteworthy Cimeter kitchen knives over the last 2 years. KASCO LLC  |  1569 Tower Grove Ave  |  St. Louis, Missouri 63110 12" Victorinox Cimeter (Scimitar) Knife with Fibrox® Handle. For chefs buying their first Japanese knives, navigating the seemingly endless selection of different knives can be a daunting task. 3 Times of heat treatment assure top strong quality of blade The Scimitar, or Cimeter, is a long-bladed knife … Always OEM/ODM for customers. Please put sharp knives away from the children. The handle as mentioned above is designed differently to give a robust and reliable grip to the knife.