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The goal of this article is to identify and/or to explore the misalignment of the teaching pedagogies as mandated by (RA # 10533) in the sound idea … ~�', In the fourth place, e-learning support networks ucation field, the Journal of Philippine Education served the education sector from 1918 and ceased publication with its 31st volume in 1953 [3]. MANILA-- The Department of Education (DepEd) on Thursday underscored the importance of integrating sexuality education lessons in public elementary and high schools to curb the incidences of teenage pregnancy, population growth, and sexual diseases.. Education Undersecretary Annalyn Sevilla said the DepEd is working on the updates and improvement of policy guidelines on the implementation … 12 December 2014 397 The role of e-learning, the advantages and disadvantages of its adoption in Higher Education. Philippines” in SIPATAHOENAN: South-East Asian Journal for Youth, Sports & Health Education, Vol.1(2) October, pp.229- 240. Its sophisticated database allows users to easily locate abstracts, full journal articles, and links to related research materials. Thirdly e-learning systems support collaborative communication, whereby users have total control over their own situations of learning. �L�w��kt(`"A�C+%��Uu�P� X�����3"xS�����K�t[���܊���F���� � 4LxRG܌ڿQ����ո� M�����Zrj��"���C;% v����ns��A*����D[v�ĄvX�"�`��m�B;��"4N�Q�R/Jۀ���?Yl�t�B�.��K \�8�[ 3�w`�V�{��g$T{�K��wnp� �"�m�턀�:G��3�F�VЁt�.���ٕ��M���C&Բ���$�me����x�T(��Hu��PDU��>D��T6�=S)XO쁼m��!�[��0y�e��B���(�JK�JAgb���S�N>�A�=| �C!e�IC0F�{BKԶ�^�%ۥ��*�l�ز�[F���%�Q�cK�#�ǖ�G��¸a����S���g8�\����z�w�`����2��L�e`7�r�5ӆ|�a�e"�M\�8������2 �an�B߆��q��G`�/�2��b��jD�6�'}�n\�x�\ -'b�f�Q��mG¶�d��E_�z� �;�Ś�1\��UB�S�6��W���:��O+`L��s��N���WrE�� b-�&�����5��TGf �W.w]�/�ٿul�!�Z#j� %PDF-1.4 endstream �Ha�E�W&X|OOO�\��FHoL���!C�"g���v��c����٥�k�. Delivered at the first National Congress of the Religious of the Virgin Mary Educational Association of the Philippines on October 19–21, 2000 at the Montebello Via Hotel, Banilad, Cebu City. 2 No. Scientific journals in the Philippines… 10 October 2014 541 A CRITIQUE OF K-12 PHILIPPINE EDUCATION SYSTEM Maria Teresa F. Calderon, Ph.D., Arellano University, Manila, Philippines [email protected] / (632)735-2861 ABSTRACT International Journal of Education and Research Vol. This article is focused on an in-depth assessment of the K to 12 curriculum of the Philippine educational system. <>stream �;�����r�0�����a��fai��{f�M �'�9n7Xz�������:�c�Lᣱ>�0[Ƭ[?�c74y�$9Ir�W���J��2r)���88�_NJ. h��Yko�F�+�@��3s�=E7m��h�t[8�@Q4E[t�Hʎ����8A�r�$RE͙s_�^Y�$�����z��a60C���,>t���#�gN�s�i͜a�1g��0��7yF���(j�#S$�)�#�Ĕ18+����k��q6@�-�i�7�1���{��T��-�'����t0�FL�`�)���ѤY0���e���0^�>�L��!0+�Il�*��H�{�Y��=k�B�%v�1,mQ�����f�}ت��_}%���J�|�\��;��i57C��ޕM;_^5�E=�]yul�ݛqWWӱ-��S᛻r?��/���8�*a)��8���WE��`!p0V�$N��WNj9�����_���ɓ����|����rnnj,� �ć�J�MU�S=�������R,B endobj Journal of Technology and Science Education JOTSE, 2019 – 9(2): 184-198 – Online ISSN: 2013-6374 – Print ISSN: 2014-5349 ... courses of one campus of a public higher education institution in the Philippines. Education in the Philippines in the Third Millennium. As of 2014, 777 scientific and scholarly Philippine journals were listed in the ISSN Directory of Journals from 1981 to 2013 [4]. ��kݏ:xF�!� The PIEJ aims to generate and disseminate an assemblage of knowledge on diverse content areas relevant to basic, indigenous, and higher education. The Journal is a publication of the National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development of the University of the Philippines. International Journal of Education and Research Vol. h��X]�Y�+�}r��7���,�ˢ�>��L���HY���9ՙ8ӻ�ڢҰ*�}���T��ꛈ/�;uR!R\�щ����X _�3O24=�Jr�"�Jt�+J�)>8)N�LjNK�J .H�8QB���]�4Vąƕ��+pU`9WC�8��Bp1��łG%G� �\����$�����{��n����r�����������l������/��h��خ>�7['>!=�O������Ƿ��?,�ۏ�s;ټX�.6�K�gS�e��ju��{-�#��\�/�7���D}ڣ>_]-w,�z����>��|:,݂�~��C/�>Ԇ�z�g��ө_�үQ�u���K�=�{�m���z��Q�xPw�Q�K��FM&H�Pd���Mz�O�AXl���$�!+���6R������P���$ڡ�X�V�qm����m�F��n���1���(���z���;�2��?W${���ך\�O�?�b�x6��V�������ۄ����ޯ.Fy�A�f�Ue�W`4>�K�9^�W��r��ύ���PyD��[��s����҆�H��}��_S��>S��y�:a�Q��5cb�y�9���=>��|8�;�|U� 8���Ag�:��Hg1RV�UWC�!s���1��^f�* 1��BEE1�2�ʤ0�꣮B�ǔz� International Journal of Education and Research Vol. Contains collections of Open Access Journals (e.g. Corresponding Author Name: Valentina Arkorful Institution: College of Distance Education, University of Cape Coast, Ghana %PDF-1.6 %���� 2 0 obj The study employed descriptive correlational research design to a total of seventy-five respondents who were purposively CNU Journal of Higher Education 9 Special Edition of Poverty Alleviation, p1- 10 Table 5 shows that a student‘s self -esteem (self-valuing of the importance of ����ϝ��.? The Philippine E-Journals (PEJ) is an online collection of academic publications of different higher education institutions and professional organizations.