Tissue lame is made of a lightweight mylar woven with a nylon filament. Adjective used to describe someone who is boring, uncool, or just sucks in general. It's found in a lot of evening wear and trim, but is also popular for DIY projects like table runners and party decor. What Is Polyester Fabric? Since some lamé fabrics are quite heavy, always use a sturdy, padded hanger to support the garment. Find the latest Lame Fashion fabrics at Fabric.com.Lame (pronounced la-may) is usually a knit fabric with a metallic coating on the surface. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that’s usually derived from petroleum. Lame is a thin fabric that can be used for apparel and crafts. Lamé comes in different varieties, depending on the composition of the other threads in the fabric. Lamé (/ l ɑː ˈ m eɪ / lah-MAY) is a type of fabric woven or knit with thin ribbons of metallic fiber, as opposed to guipé, where the ribbons are wrapped around a fibre yarn.It is usually gold or silver in color; sometimes copper lamé is seen. Definition of lame in the Definitions.net dictionary. Hologram lame fabric features the shining effect of a hologram. Chemically, polyester is a polymer primarily composed of compounds within the ester functional group. It looks stunning in different light and angles. Meaning of lame. Theater productions will use lame as a backdrop on stage because of its shimmer and ability to drape easily. Lame is perfect for … Slipper lame is 100% polyester and has a smooth surface with a little bit of a sheen. Because acids and alcohol can harm the fabric by dulling the finish, blot away any food and drink stains as soon as possible with a dry, white cloth. This fabric is one of the world’s most popular textiles, and it is used in thousands of different consumer and industrial applications. It's a good choice for costumes and decorations. Write it here to share it with the entire community. Then, blot the area with a cloth dipped in plain water and use a clean cloth to blot the fabric until dry. Have a definition for Lame (fabric) ? Information and translations of lame in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Lame fabric can come in different varieties – tissue lamé, hologram lamé and pearl lamé – as it all depends on the composition. What does lame mean? Lame definition, physically disabled, especially in the foot or leg so as to limp or walk with difficulty: a lame racehorse. Add Definition. See more. Proper Storage Is Key. Metallic Gold Polyester Lame.