The students surprised me with their insight. ���f��A�>�T;&�5�����b�#W��l[5=���À�v0�+?a�A�q++��W����r���v����흓�v�%��z}�!Y�ກ���ؐ%���Q>בϿ!�م�f��s��-) P���?�1#�}V7dK���ܭ����J������#�Ї�}�& You lead BY EXAMPLE acting as a role model. Understanding your leadership style is the first step in developing your leadership skills. Complete the activities to discover what makes you a great leader. I thought the final product would be perfect for a leadership workshop. [email protected]���h���|���� N[�fF㍪���ǧ{���>/��. 0000005413 00000 n Proficiency: Student Leadership Competencies Inventory : Students’ self-perception of their ability to effectively use all 60 competencies; can also be taken as mini-assessments of 4-11 competencies in a cluster *Available for free use on the SLC website. I don’t know if this project will ever be published. It has been temporarily shelved as I have had to move onto other more “technology-focused” projects. Christa Love, Vice President Take the quiz to discover the traits that make you a great leader. Toll: 1-800-221-7921 How would your staff and colleagues describe your leadership … It is also a way to give high school students experience with the interview process, a valuable skill they will use throughout their lives. 0000048855 00000 n H��Wˎ���+�L�;4ߏ Ƚ�L� �@6٨m��Ė:��}'_���hIV��Q�O�*.�^��|���珟?F����O�b��u����b�I��?��K��~�X�V�p��.e�3�z�V5�,��;���Ի�{�BS-�e�z��buX|����o����� �[޿^��H娓ҫd=���&/��(&�t������. In recent years, Christa has become the vice president of TechnoKids Inc. TechnoKids Inc. Celebrate Learning with a Coding Presentation, Easy for Kids - Simplify Teaching HTML with, How to Use a Free Web Host to Teach HTML to Beginners, Free HTML App for Chromebook Users to Teach HTML, Teaching Python on Chromebooks is Easy with Trinket, NEW! Cognition Measurements (test questions) Students’ content knowledge of a particular competency *Available in the Toolkit. For each statement, circle if you always, sometimes, or never show this trait. I taught this activity to several classes. Will they fit in with my team? Pick one trait you would like to work on so that you did it always. Are they confident enough to lead other people? You provide direction, share advice, and help people work together. Creating innovative technology projects since 1993. Canada, Phone: 1-905-631-9112 0000001601 00000 n 8BIM' 460 0 obj <> endobj �4�I$�$�IJI$�R�I$���Y�w�e��S~/M��o����C�. What are good leadership interview questions? People then skills: Leaders are giddy to learn new strategies … %%EOF Finally, students need to help student groups change their understanding of leadership and leadership training. Draw a star * beside it. What is one thing that you do such as a habit, skill, or ability that you think others would benefit from copying? Are you able to collaborate with others and accept new ideas? Look at the sometimes column. Why is the turnover rate so high for principals, particularly those working in schools with large populations of minority students and students … Being a role model for others is a big responsibility. Cognition Measurements (test questions) Students’ content knowledge of a particular competency *Available in the Toolkit. Anyone in a team can learn about leadership … Individual Interview Questions for Student Leader Positions 1. 0000000636 00000 n You can lead others to achieve wonderful things or you can lead others to achieve terrible things. People look to you for leadership and imitate your actions. 0000046185 00000 n However, this expanded to working with a Grade 2 class as well.