Apollo 15 Stowage List indicates two canisters of this type were used for the mission (typical for Apollo missions). A similar Apollo Command Module LiOH canister may be available for sale. Contains lithium hydroxide to absorb the carbon dioxide exhaled by the astronauts in the spacecraft, and charcoal to filter odors from the air. 1, Stock No. Contains lithium hydroxide to absorb carbon dioxide, and carbon to remove odors from the cabin air. Call your doctor for medical insight concerning side impacts. Patients could want to be … Lithium Hydroxide Canisters, 12-15 lb. Extremely rare, as this is the only Apollo LiOH canister known to be offered which had been installed in a Command Module for pre-flight testing of the Environmental Control System. This type of element (-0051) was replaced quickly with -0061, identical except that a sample of the LiOH was taken and packaged before assembly. A wide variety of lithium hydroxide price options are available to you, such as aluminium hydroxide, caustic soda, and potassium hydroxide. That's two lithium hydroxide canisters, one roll of that special gray tape, two LCGs which we're going to use the bags from, one LM cue card and (garbled) 03 18 10 53 Kerwin: Okay. WASHINGTON-- (BUSINESS WIRE)--April 6, 2004--The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) recently finalized an $850,000 order of Battelle's lithium hydroxide curtains for the U.S. submarine force. Carbon dioxide absorber element from the Apollo Command Module. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. This modal will allow the user to download citation information or export specific fields of data into one of three file formats: Excel, comma-separated values, or text. They were changed daily. Fastmarkets MB Lithium … 1 7. Also known as a carbon dioxide absorber element, or scrubber. The LiOH within the canister absorbed carbon dioxide, and charcoal eliminated odors. A green/aluminum Airesearch label on the side reads: "ABSORBER ELEMENT CO2, Part 813540-2-1, Serial 108-286, Order NAS-9-150, NASA 00400 0029403, Ref Extremely rare, as this is the only Apollo LiOH canister known to be offered which had been installed in a Command It is either on loan or in storage. The lithium hydroxide canister was designed to maintain a pure-oxygen environment within the Apollo spacecraft by filtering out carbon dioxide, odors, and debris. The assembly is 4 feet high and weighs 46 pounds. View cart for details. Patients could want to be examined to determine whether they are at risk to angle closing, and also have a prophylactic treatment (e. g. You could state side results to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088. The NCEL prototype lithium hydroxide canister-blower device was then developed, as shown in Figure 1. (43 each), (square can type) 7 MC (2 each) T1 (20 each) T2 (2 each) Transformer Washing Machine 20" X 20" open-end, with Wringer American Laundry Machine Co. Compass, Armored Vehicle, Magnetic, MK-1, Mod. were loaded per mission. Aluminum housing has oxidation spots, thought to be from moisture from Florida storage years ago. G6605-494-0805 (two) That's affirmative, Jim. This filter was flown in the Command Module "Columbia" during … Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. It consists of two paralleled canisters, a blower, a small plenum which holds the canisters, a jet aircraft type fuel filter, and a collapsible stand.