Chief Executive and General Secretary's update ... influence, inform and drive policy, new ideas and use best outcomes to raise Mental Health Nursing profile ; respond to National and Local activities in relation to Mental Health in a timely manner and work with RCN Forums and MHN professional networks. The caring professionals who feel that they are called to this nursing specialty can anticipate wide-ranging opportunities to practice their profession, whether they do so in a traditional nursing career, or as a traveling healthcare provider. It offers you the chance to make a difference, a high degree of flexibility and a career with excellent employment prospects. And yet, one of the biggest issues in our health care system – and society at large – is that mental health is not taken as seriously, and treated as urgently, as physical health. Any field of nursing had plenty of career opportunities and pathways for progression. Stay away from nursing. Mental health nursing is included in the RN category, which the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects RN positions to grow by 12% by 2028. Mental Health Nurse Salaries and Job Growth. When Canadians need health care, they most often turn to primary health care services, which are the first point of contact with the health care system. There are many reasons why you should consider a career as a mental health nurse. Why choose mental health nursing. Cherie Lawrence, mental health nurse. "I also love that I have a guaranteed job for life, which I enjoy – a lot of my friends are jealous!" Mental health nursing is an advanced practice area within the nursing field. Mental health jobs in general and mental health nursing jobs in particular are expected to be in high demand in coming years. In general, primary health care serves a dual function. Don't be focusing on adult nursing just because you may have heard more jobs or career prospects etc etc. But when you hear the stories, and see the impact mental illness has on the lives of so many around us, it's hard to stand idly by. The PMH-APRN role is an advanced nursing role requiring extensive education in development, physical and mental health assessment, the diagnosis of mental health conditions, integration and implementation of care, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, practice evaluation, consultation, and liaison. Job availability, though, may vary by location and industry. If you don't like the idea of doing personal care. First, it provides direct provision of first-contact health care services. Good people skills are needed in Nursing, regardless of what branch you're doing.