The Christmas Limited Edition and Samurai Spirits Special Limited Set features 48 games. *Please note that design, and specifications might be changed with no prior announcement. A plug adaptor for the USB cable must be purchased separately and is required to power the unit. True to its arcade roots, however, is that each game can be played directly on the Mini itself, or it can be connected to a television to play on a large screen, with the Mini itself serving as a controller. With its blue, white, and red multicolor design, the NEOGEO mini faithfully reproduces the original NEOGEO arcade cabinet that was introduced in Japan in 1990. Samurai Shodown (PS4) Special Pack with Neo Geo Mini - Nakoruru Ver. $30 ($50) See at Amazon GameSpot's Neo Geo Mini review praised the small size of the mini console and playing its various games … 14 of the 40 titles in the INTERNATIONAL will be different from the original NEOGEO mini. Unit. Set. Contents, Neo Geo Mini Samurai Shodown Limited Set - Nakoruru Ver. ©SNK CORPORATION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The game window is stretched to the size of the screen at 720p, and while there is a pixel smoothing option, there are no additional filters such as interlacing, CRT or unsmooth square pixels. Another version of this was released in the American and European markets on September 20, 2019, but only includes the same 40 titles as the earlier Samurai Shodown versions. *The NEOGEO mini INTERNATIONAL title lineup is different.Please see here for details. At least one controller is required to play games in 2-Player mode. 40 games are included and contain all of the Samurai Shodown games unlike the other releases, and are all the Japanese versions. The Neo Geo Mini console Two Neo Geo controllers have also been developed exclusively for the Mini, colored black and white, which can be plugged into the sides of the unit into the USB-C ports. SNK official authorized online store, MVSX Home Arcade, Arcade Stick Pro, NEOGEO Mini, Retro Arcade Fun R1 and Game Console Accessories on sale, 100% original, This version has a gold and black color scheme. Unit. Manufacturer Game List for the Samurai Shodown Limited Set, Neo Geo Mini Samurai Spirits Special Limited Set Contents (Japan), Neo Geo Mini Samurai Shodown Limited Set - Kuroko Ver. Developer NEOGEO Mini Console: International Edition + 2 x NEOGEO Mini Controllers + HDMI Cable (Includes 4… USB-C Based on the design of the arcade cabinet featuring a 3.5 inch display! This version was originally released with in three color variants, each based around the characters Haohmaru (White), Nakoruru (Red), and Ukyo Tachibana (Blue). An SNK-branded mini-HDMI cable, official screen protector and additional marquee stickers can also be purchased online. Contents, Neo Geo Mini Samurai Shodown Limited Set - Haohmaru Ver. Neo Geo Mini Samurai Shodown Limited Set - Ukyo Tachibana Ver. The design for the Neo Geo Mini is inspired by the original MVS arcade cabinet, with a joystick style controller, stereo speakers, and a 3.5 inch display. Neo Geo Mini Home video game console Game page must display the assigned Teen rating icon and the “Blood and Gore ,” “Crude Humor,” “Suggestive Themes,” and “Violence” content descriptors, the icon must be at least 38 pixels wide by 53 pixels high and the content descripto rs must be legibly displayed in at least 8 point font. On January 14, 2019, the Neo Geo Mini x A.C.E. The design of the NEOGEO mini is based on the nostalgic arcade cabinet, and will feature a joystick style controller, stereo speakers, and an 3.5 inch display, meaning the games can be enjoyed with no need to connect to a TV or monitor! The new hardware is packed with 40 built-in Neo Geo titles and was made to thank all the fans that have supported SNK series such as The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, Metal Slug, and more. NEOGEO mini International selected 40 masterpieces from all the wonderful games on [NEOGEO] platform, including [the King of Fighters], [Fatal Fury] and [Metal Slug] NEOGEO mini International is equipped with a 3.5 inch LCD screen. SNK announced in August 2019 that a special limited black variant featuring Kuroko would be released on September 30, 2019 in Japan for ¥21,500. Special Limited Edition, Neo Geo Mini Samurai Shodown Limited Set - Haohmaru Ver. AS July 24, 2018INT October 15, 2018XMS December 3, 2018SAL June 27, 2019SAS September 30, 2019 It launched at the cost of ¥15,000 and only 20,000 of each unitwas produced. Contents (International version). In addition to this, the NEOGEO mini International, with a brand new black, white and blue design will also be available! Neogeo Mini Pro Player Pack USA Version - Includes 2 Game Pads (1 Black & 1 White) and HDMI Cab… If connected to an HD monitor or television, the video output will switch to it while a Neo Geo logo is shown on the Mini, and some display options can be modified. Samurai Shodown (PS4) Special Pack with Neo Geo Mini - Haohmaru Ver. Only 15,000 units were produced and the initial cost was nearly twice as much as the other versions (¥21,500 compared to the Mini's ¥11,500). The size of the NEOGEO mini fits perfectly in the palm of your hand(W108mm×D135mm×H162mm), and its weight will be only about 390g! *All screen images simulated. Special Limited Edition and the Samurai Shodown Limited Set have 40 games each. Fortunately, the Mini also emulates the Memory Card feature of the home versions, allowing players to manually save their progress upon receiving a Game Over, and loading a save starts the player at the last level they lost at. With its blue, white, and red multicolor design, the NEOGEO mini faithfully reproduces the original NEOGEO arcade cabinet that was introduced in Japan in 1990. 1.THE KING OF FIGHTERS '94 / 2.THE KING OF FIGHTERS '95 / 3.THE KING OF FIGHTERS '96 / 4.THE KING OF FIGHTERS '97 / 5.THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98 / 6.THE KING OF FIGHTERS '99 / 7.THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2000 / 8.THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2001 / 9.THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 / 10.THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2003 / 11.SAMURAI SHODOWN II / 12.SAMURAI SHODOWN IV / 13.SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL / 14.FATAL FURY SPECIAL / 15.REAL BOUT FATAL FURY / 16.REAL BOUT FATAL FURY 2 / 17.GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES / 18.WORLD HEROES PERFECT / 19.KIZUNA ENCOUNTER / 20.ART OF FIGHTING / 21.THE LAST BLADE / 22.THE LAST BLADE 2 / 23.NINJA MASTER'S / 24.AGGRESSORS OF DARK KOMBAT / 25.KING OF THE MONSTERS 2 / 26.CYBER-LIP / 27.SHOCK TROOPERS 2ND SQUAD / 28.TOP HUNTER RODDY & CATHY / 29.NINJA COMMANDO / 30.BURNING FIGHT / 31.METAL SLUG / 32.METAL SLUG 2 / 33.METAL SLUG 3 / 34.SENGOKU3 / 35.ALPHA MISSION II / 36.TWINKLE STAR SPRITES / 37.BLAZING STAR / 38.TOP PLAYER'S GOLF / 39.SUPER SIDEKICKS / 40.PUZZLED.