On her side, the MC knew Calywen due to him being Aldwen's king and Virion's lover. She can sometimes say things that may sound slightly racist to some people, like when she playfully tells Alwenn that both Aldwen and Dineans have long ears and thus they should get along, as they are similar, or when she jokes about getting cat ears headbands to disguise as Peshka. Virion eventually developed feelings for the MC. MC described it as a "disgusting messenger pigeon made of carcass," to which Virion rebutted that Riz was beautiful. This is also shown when making the potion of Touch of Ice, as she fails several times, even though she has the recipe with all the instructions to make it. Both MC's parents had loved her to the best of their abilities, though their best efforts still weren't enough. Even though the MC jokes around most of the time, she gets sometimes uncomfortable and slightly sad when Alwenn yells at her, especially when it's about something dangerous and Alwenn panics due to it, which makes the Dinean turn softer and try to make the MC feel better yet again. MC's relationship with Aila had always been complicated, and somewhat difficult, by nature. With this it can be said that in his route the MC already had feelings for him for a long time. Ready to sacrifice herself in order to defeat him, she managed to seal him. She is named and optionally nicknamed by the player at the start of the season, and her appearance can be one of 8 colour templates depending on father and/or mother's template. Rather than choosing a legendary creature as a commander, players select a planeswalker as their Oathbreaker, and an instant or sorcery as that Oathbreaker's Signature Spell. Alwenn has also told the MC that she always admired her, even though the MC didn't seem to believe it. Although not much about their relationship is known, the MC and Gabriel seem to get along very well, as she calls him "Gabi" and he also has nicknames for her (Precious/Smiley/Sunshine, which change according to the personality the player chose, showing that he knows her well). Depending on the player's performance at the minigames, the MC might be good at some things, like cooking or healing through herbs (which she seems to have big knowledge about, Virion calling her a "bog witch" for always carrying so many plants with her). Oathbreaker is a casual, multiplayer, singleton format. In the next few weeks, your wiki will be migrated to a Fandom.com domain. They then started encountering each other more times during the years, always at opposite sides, and at some point started looking forward to it. The Signature Spell is subject to similar rules, but with two additional restrictions: It can only be cast while its owner's Oathbreaker is on the battlefield, and it always returns to the command zone upon resolution, overriding all other effects and rules, breaking the functionality of some abilities, such as buyback. If goodwill is the highest trait, Alwenn presents the MC to Raelan as "the Great", and Gabriel (Hulstead's barista) calls her "Precious". Alwenn has said that she's not so good at diplomacy. If cunning is the highest trait, Alwenn presents her as "the Cunning", and Gabriel calls her "Smiley". However, instead of dying, she just lost her Surge. She began manifesting her magic sooner than most other children, her Surge being immensely strong, albeit equally complex. She has also shown to have a good heart deep down, as demonstrated when she proposes to help Lana by guiding her to the castle and offering her room for her and her sister to spend the night, without asking for anything in return. Prologue The game starts with the MC at the storage of the Academy, selling a necklace of potency that she stole from the alchemy labs to Vesryn, since his trial is coming soon and he won't be able to manage it by himself. The MC won that first encounter. She can speak Aldwen fluently. Logan made a deal with her, which consisted of her fighting in Westerford's first war in order to have her life spared. He's very flirty with her and their talks are usually filled with humorous death threats and sassy responses. She is referring to friends that died in the first battle in Westerford. However, despite constantly trying to make her feel better, Alwenn is also known for screaming at her very often, since the MC always does rash things, putting herself in danger, which makes Alwenn panic that something will happen to her and she'll have to use her life source. Riz is an imp summon first introduced in Chapter 3 of the first season of Oathbreaker. If the player chooses the non-romantic option when Alwenn and the MC are going back from Hulstead to the castle in Chapter 1, the MC mentions that she doesn’t think that she’s Virion’s type, to which Alwenn says that she’s "not so sure that’s the case", showing to be aware of his feelings for her. At the beginning of their Chapter 1's dance, Raelan seems a bit lost, possibly enchanted by Thyia.