Paneer Pasanda Recipe Paneer Pasanda as per the name different from other paneer recipes, the method of making it is also different. Paneer Pasanda Recipe, How to make Paneer Pasanda Recipe June 28, 2014 by maria 10 Comments This is my version of Paneer Pasanda Restaurant Style. Learn how to make Paneer Pasanda restaurant style by following easy recipe. Paneer slices, delicately spiced and cooked in velvety and creamy gravy is the most yummiest Indian recipe. The one good thing with this dish you can How to make Paneer Pasanda Recipe. For my upcoming holiday dinner I will be serving Paneer Pasanda with Punjabi Chole, Jeera Aloo, Boondi Ka Raita, Cumin Rice and Naan. Step by step Paneer Pasanda Recipe. This is the time-consuming recipe, so prepare it on special occasions. It can be a little bit of work but sure we can make for special occasions. I think there are lots of versions of Paneer pasanda recipe. The recipe I am sharing can be taken as paneer cutlets in a rich, creamy gravy. Since my childhood Paneer has been my favorite. Paneer Pasanda is a palatable dish of stuffed paneer triangles, flavoured with rich spices and cooked in creamy onion tomato-nut gravy. Paneer Pasanda is delectable and very exotic dish made with fried paneer pieces stuffed with dry fruits and then served in an aromatic rich creamy gravy. Paneer Pasanda, the name itself suggests “everyone’s favourite”. Recipe Notes Paneer Pasanda is delicious. Punjabi dish that is available in every restaurant menu list. Paneer Pasanda Recipe: Foodies, here is another paneer recipe, “Paneer Pasanda”. This paneer delicacy is loved by everyone who tastes it. It is a really hard and time consuming dish so, it is not an everyday dinner meal. This is a very tasty vegetable, in which there is also a separate (triangle) of paneer (cottage cheese). In this delectable north Indian dish , paneer triangles are stuffed with grated paneer, cashews nuts and dunked into creamy and aromatic gravy which is made creamier using cashews, creams and flavoured with rich spices. Paneer Pasanda Recipe – Video Paneer Pasanda is a great way of eating our favorite Paneer. It is a stylish paneer dish which is stuffed with spices and fried to make it quite filling. But why should this reason stop it from being on the plates whenever you like too. Actually paneer pasanda is stuffed paneer sandwiches in creamy onion-tomato gravy.