In April, 2011, the picture of this smiling man smoking a self-rolled cigarette, appeared on image remixing website Canvas. She is Joe Exotic's nemesis. [more], Homer has no idea about computers and the internet. It's amazing how many cat meme's has inspired and here is another one [more], This cat just loves taking baths and now he has a meme about it. You merely adopted the dark. Well confession bear is kind of an ugly bear. Taken from the episode "Bender's Big Score", this meme is all attitude. At least that is what I learned at WallStreetBets (WSB). Rafael Nadal is only 1 behind him. Why? He had his lighter moments before he (SPOILER ALERT!) [more], Aussie Koala doing the night shift at Reddit meme [more], A meme about that awesome game GTA grand Theft Auto 5 [more], A meme about the bicycles in grand theft auto (GTA) [more], Ok we got a request to ad this meme and so we have. [more], A meme about a boss who is a skinflint and a tightass, it's taken from a scene in the iconic film "Office Space" with the standard "Scumbag Steve" hat adorning… [more], Asian fathers expect only the best from their kids and now we have meme to satisfy the kids who need to passively aggressively complain about it :) [more], The guy that was the Whistle blower on the NSA actions against its own citizens. [more], From a dramatic scene in the 2008 feature film "The Dark Knight", in which the Joker talks about the different reactions the public has to similar situations; in this case,… [more], Cool Jesus just wants to say hi, and maybe impart a little bit of cool wisdom. This we do not really… [more]. Now they have joined… [more], Cotton McKnight: and Pepper Brooks from Dodge Ball Meme. [more], We all have heard of Lazy College senior meme. You can draw, outline, or scribble on your meme using the panel just above the meme preview image. Generally used to express nostalgia about a more reasonable time, the top… [more], A meme or action macro that is supposed to stand for the disapproval of someone else's idea or comment. [more], Security Cameras pointing all over the place Paranoia is real! It is a picture of a young African American kid. Green Bay Packers are a professional American football team. Anyway, this meme involves the character Seth from the movie and it usually finishes with Fuck me,… [more], Story telling dog but with a Malicious intent. Filesize: 31 KB. Anthony Adams in a yellow suit, hiding behind a tree and rubbing his hands in gleeful anticipation. you just have to love the man. The presidents involved are Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. kind of a come at me bro type meme but seriously you wouldn't come at this bird. Generally starting with an assertion at the top, followed by a no-nonsense refutation of said… [more], If you're a guy, picture those around you when you first got a place of your own. [more], The Ameristralia meme is one of the newest for 2013. based on the fact that Australia and America had the same day off to drink beer! Unleash your rage, let the bot… [more]. But - it's a cat in a collar and tie! [more], Yet another meme brought to you by Ron Burgundy from the Anchorman movie. The meme features text highlighting… [more]. Us! [more], Here is another Baby Yoda blank meme. Kind of like Chuck Norris of the bird world really. The still picture is taken from the movie Jumanji and in the scene Robin Williams asks "What year is… [more], A meme about a body that just doesn't help you out in life. They're everywhere in the image macro world. Frozen 2 is poised to smash box office records as did the original. You can insert popular or custom stickers and other images including scumbag hats, deal-with-it This memes is usually used to express frustration with something and is a… [more], Life's tough in advanced western society. or Imgflip Pro Basic. This meme is used to give voice to all those Zen, Yoga, Buddhist type sayings… [more], Emperor Palpatine is the big Sith Lord in most of the Starwars movies. Since 2011, Hipster Barista has been fashionable, and then unfashionable. Note: font can be customized per-textbox by clicking the gear icon. Here we have Olivia Cara from Youtube.… [more], Here is a controversial blank meme that was added due to there being so many requests by our users. So we have added a default one to make things… [more], Skeptical Chloe reacts to the news with a dubious look on her face. Calls the cops on black men because she… [more], Speak to any manager you want with - 'The Karen Hair', This safe, non-gender-specific meme can be used to meme up any sentiment you desire. [more], The most popular dance in Fortnite is Orange Justice. San Francisco 49ers are another famous American football team (NFL). [more], Some consider Advice Dog the original advice animal. [more], Forever alone at spring break. Now we have a pic for you to make a meme from it. [more], Yes we all have the things about ourselves we don't like. Elizabeth Warren bowed out… [more], Coronavirus is now known as COVID-19 because the word Coronavirus is a general term for all viruses of that type. The Pittsburgh Steelers are a professional American football team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sometimes referred to as just the hawks. Feel free to make a meme with it. Click to change. We will add it… [more], Why has it taken this long for us to add Beyoncé to our list of blank memes? [more], League of Legends also known as LOL is one of the most popular online games at the moment. Like dance, talk to women and tell funny jokes. Anyway no matter what you think of the… [more], One of the greatest gaming consoles ever made and one that is still appreciated today. A classic taken from the comedy animated series "Family Guy", it is itself a play on a real advert. He seems so good natured , even though he is a fighting machine. [more], Google hides behind its motto of "Do No Evil". [more], A meme about Instagram and the scumbag photos that are put on the site [more], Jessica Nigri a promotional model who has stolen the hearts of internet nerds everywhere with her sexy cosplay outfits. COD Black Ops 4. Here is a meme to help you show your appreciation. ", Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) was one of the most hotly anticipated game releases for 2013. It is taking off all over the world, particularly in Europe and Australia. [more], Alcohol can make you think you can do lots of things you actually can't do. Or you just use to say how much you really hate Redditors! Can there really be enough of these? This world is the only one we will ever know and if we don't look after it we will lose it. When you are hard up for a meme to use it is nice to fall back on this one and generate a meme. Tony Stark who is played by Robert Downey jr. is Iron Man in the marvel Movies. The sarcasm that oozes form that look at Trump was a glorious internet moment. We now have a full blooded murderer and gangster. Trump Sitting In Chair - I Am In Their Way. [more], The pooh hit the fan in 2013 as Edward Snowden, an NSA contractor, blew the whistle on the extent of domestic U.S. surveillance by the NSA (National Security Agency) [more], Featuring a nonchalant Spongebob Squarepants casually relating a not-so-tough anecdote, this meme (generally) starts with (top) "I'll have you know .." followed by an assertion of hard behaviour; the bottom… [more]. [more], Futurama's Bender goes all Tarantino. Samuel L Jackson says the immortal words "Shit negro, that's all you had to say". Makeameme does not endorse these kinds of negative memes but we do understand that people… [more], Christopher Walken in one of Saturday Night Live's all-time classic sketches, as music producer "The" Bruce Dickinson, exhorting Blue Öyster Cult to give greater efforts by saying, "I got… [more], You can never have too many trump pics for a meme generator site. [more], Creepy Bear is one of Fortnite's most popular skins. however this… [more]. [more], Ah if we could just floss away all those bad things in our lives. We have quite a few images on the site for her HUsband Donald Trump. I revel in it. [more], I miss crazy Steve. However when it first appeared on reddit it was renamed "Lazy College… [more], A amalgamation of two famous meme's, Scumbag Steve and Success Kid. With that, "Hey, I just had a Space Workout" look (and the unruffled hair) this is a meme that celebrates his… [more], This meme is about a sexy bald starship captain. You can create "meme chains" of multiple images stacked vertically by adding new images with the [more], Where the hell did that post on Reddit go? [more], A meme about things you believed when you were a kid but realized later were not true. Since becoming a publicly listed… [more], PLots evil against the unsuspecting fools at Reddit. Nobody Cares” is a catchphrase uttered by character Dennis Nedry in a dialogue scene from the 1993 science-fiction film Jurassic Park. [more], A cute white Husky that looks like it is telling a story to it's litter of white pups. You Were The Chosen One!… [more], Here at Make a Meme we use WordPress on our blog and it is an important part of blogging online. However even as a baby he was HARDCORE! Generally a sarcastic comment starting with "Hey guys! This… [more], This meme started because of a particular dog species. Captions feature typical comical 'stoner' behavior. The meme is most often used just how Patrick used it in the episode, in responding to someone asking who you are — or when someone’s annoying you.