The Hydrangea seemanii is a climbing hydrangea vine that can get 30 feet (9 m.) tall. However the Climbing Hydrangea has four petals or sepals around the white flower while all cultivars of the Japanese Climbing Hydrangea has only one sepal around a white flower). This is a showier variety with larger deeper pink sepals … It has a slow growing, shrubby habit until established, then becomes quite … After bloom, the flower … Evergreen Climbing Hydrangea Information. The Pink Climbing Hydrangea, Schizophragma hydrangiodes ‘Roseum’, will dazzle the eye in summer with flat clusters of flowers that have white centers surrounded by pink florets. Climbing Hydrangea Hydrangea anomala petiolaris. A vigorous climbing vine that clings to surfaces by aerial rootlets. In the case of the Pink Japanese Climbing Hydrangeo the color of the single sepal can vary from year to year ranging from white to a rich pink. Unique pink blooms. Elegant and distinctive, schizophragma is a great choice for gardeners who want something a little different in their landscapes. While their flower showy flower heads somewhat resemble that of lacecap hydrangeas which are superficially close to the climbing hydrangeas, the … Sku #4170. It has big, thick, rounded leaves that look more like they belong on an evergreen magnolia than a hydrangea… Schizophragma species are in the Hydrangea family.