great stuff, i was using the built-in modules in sunvox almost exclusively, and i like building my own thing with their basic building blocks, but i can only go so far with their signal processing, so i was happy to find this sample pack, i found some sounds that fit what i had in mind pretty quickly. Cheers guys! A total of 63 kits are included with twelve sounds each. Be sure to check out my in-depth review of Addictive Drums 2 if interested. I wouldn’t stand to gain from it, wouldn’t offer the ability to record beats, and would give credit to 99sounds for the samples. I just wanted to get your attention to a typo, you wrote “enternal” where I think you must have meant “internal”. LinnDrum Drum Samples. Damn, those are fine! It’s perfect for modern production. Thanks for the suggestions Eric! Here are some of the standout features: For all the hip-hop producers out there, look no further than Drum Weapons 3 by Music Weapons. Good job! BFD 3 is the third generation of virtual drum software from FXpansion. I don’t produce this style of music generally, but I do like the included sounds. LOVE thank you free is wonderful… and to the nay sayer; just don’t; , you catch more bees with honey,,, you know? “MT Power Drumkit 2 — acoustic drums, best free drum VST”. Of course, I don’t think most people would do that considering how many layers of noises would be on top of it rendering the sample not as useful. ! Lately, I’ve had a big love for kits from the 70s on records like Aja by Steely Dan and Storm at Sunup by Gino Vanelli. Cinematic Loops is a collection of high quality scoring tools and SFX crafted by Frank “Xenox” Neumann. Check out the latest issue for many more. Was looking for drum samples, and I found this. You offer him something for free, and he still manages to complain about it. not seeing the file. This would only be for me to learn, but if I’m successful, I’d want to display it for user interaction on my personal website. I wanted to offer digital downloads on my site but I wasn’t sure how the confirmation email, link to the download etc. Both processed and dry samples are included with Synthwave Drums. I love the tonal quality of the kick in this library. But if you want to replicate the feel of a good acoustic drummer, especially with dynamic playing, you’re going to need a deeper, less pre-processed sample set. For all the 80s lovers out there, you can rejoice. :). Thank you for these samples. You literally talk yourself down and then give negative feedback on a FREE sound pack. You get 12 separate sounds per preset with 3,500 different sounds. Thanks! This looks really interesting because of the grove generator and complexity slider for real time jamming. Fortunately free alternatives exists, with the caveat that they’re much bigger, ranging from hundreds of megabytes to a dozen gigabytes. We’d love to hear from you! Required fields are marked *. While I use a multitude of different drum VST plugins (like GetGood Drums, for instance), I find myself coming back to Addictive Drums 2 the most. Excellent! Each are categorized and tagged for simplicity while writing. STD includes 50 different drum kits with 12 samples each. 99 Drum Samples is a free collection of electronic and acoustic drum hits that were built from scratch and processed using internal and external audio gear. Addictive Drums 2 from XLN Audio remains to be my favorite drum library for acoustic drum samples—the United Pop sample pack sounds incredible. Suckers are reversed snare drums which have been processed and envelope-shaped, ideal for layering underneath or before other snare samples to provide complexity or extra ‘suck’. Pan & release settings are available for each sample. I loved your blog and thanks for publishing this!! Excellent! Spitefire LAB drums — this is around 400MB, but has a much wider range of sampled dynamics than MTPD and is not processed. Some features include: In addition, there are plenty of expansion packs you can download from producers like Chris Lord Alge, Terry Date, and David Bendeth. 2. Some of the included drum hits were also passed through an old tape delay unit, resulting in a warm organic sound. There’s thirteen kick-snare combo kits, five clap banks, four cymbal banks, eight hi-hat banks, four percussion banks, four reverse sound/cymbal banks, twelve tom banks, and a total of 1,356 one-shot samples. Just what I needed! It’s perfect for sci-fi sound design in movies and video games, as well. Today’s big-name drummer/producers, like Steven Wolf, rely on sample libraries to create hits for artists. Painstaking drums processing killed my artistic flow, and because of this I made my own drum machine sample pack with pre-processed samples. King, Etta James, Buddy Guy, and Albert King. Can I use these in beats which I plan to put on a mixtape? They’ve made some of my favorite Kontakt instruments, including Gravity and Forzo. Very cool stuff! Toontrack took this library a step further than it’s predecessor by recording an additional eleven separate room microphones set up in surround for a truly lifelike experience. BFD 3 contains seven new kits, a streamlined user interface, a faster audio engine, mix-ready presets, an improved groove engine, a rudiment tool, and tons of grooves played by famous drummers Steve Ferrone, Brooks Wackerman, Bobby Jarzombek, Peter Erskine & Stanton Moore. Also, for all the hip hop producers out there, don’t my article highlighting my five favorite drum machine VSTs. I’ve been making this personal collection of drum samples for years, and it is now released as a free bonus sample pack for the first music-making contest on 99Sounds! SD3 includes six drum kits, additional percussion instruments, and approximately 350 vintage drum machine sounds. Rock Drum Kit– Scott Drums is a sample library of a rock drum kit, available for Native Instruments Kontakt. Modern and Massive is an incredible-sounding library, perfect for rock and metal production. These beats sound amazing! SD3 was meticulously recorded by George Massenburg at Galaxy Studios in Belgium. The GUI is incredibly simple, with just a few knobs. I’ve raved about GetGood Drums in other articles. I can code a little. Thanks again. SSD5 is the latest iteration of Steven Slate’s drum library. I have a question that’s maybe off topic… I was impressed by how your digital download cart worked. Thanks for sharing and look for more in future!! Thank you! Enjoy the samples! Well fixed, ready for use, clean as is / as was :) , directly from the good times … Thanks very much for this samples! And keep up the good work! You guys are always killing it. thanks. I love Techno hard German techno music I bought Maschine Mikro and to just be a part of it all just makes life worth living. Oh, and you get 1,500 different presets to streamline your production. For the seasoned drum programmer you'll find over 186 expertly crafted/layered and processed drum hits which really capture the vibe and feel of modern Techno. You’re full of s*** and not appreciating gold. Hi Joy, you should download a file labeled “[99Sounds] 99 Drum”. I’ve made these sounds so that they’re punchy and tight, according to my taste. I hadn’t heard of DrumDrops until recently when I stumbled upon these two disco kits. Downloading based off the soundcloud demo. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 99 Drum Samples is a free collection of electronic and acoustic drum hits that were built from scratch and processed using internal and external audio gear. What do I do? – George Massenburg, Recording Engineer. The library includes 99 individual drum samples in 24-bit WAV format. That’s all I can say. I download this samples! My progress has been so slow because don’t do this full time. Typically I don’t utilize the mixer included with sample libraries, as I route the outputs to Cubase, but the option’s there if you need it. Would this use of you guys’ awesome product be okay? These are awesome for future music projects AND THEY ARE FREE. Created by Impact Soundworks, Momentum is a massive collection of 2,500+ unique and organic percussion performances. Technically someone could try and rip one of the instruments from a Creative Commons song and use it in their own VST or sample pack. I’ve only heard a few of the samples so far (SO MANY SAMPLES), and there are some real winners here!