Your hub for everything related to PS5 including games, news, reviews, discussion, questions, videos, and more. Also can play all the other games that natively supported the PS4 controller. Works just like my PS4 controller did, I can even play it wireless. Which many many games on PC supported the PS4 controller natively with proper icons and the like. It's gonna take time for developers to start supporting it and for steam to add support and also the third party programs like reWASD, input mapper, and DS4WINDOWS. DS4Windows which wraps the input as and Xbox controller. Steam Big Picture Mode. Question. Wanted to try out games I missed. I ordered a ps5 controller off of amazon the other day just to try it out (I'd probably want 2 anyway, so why not get one early). I suspect it won't take too much longer for steam input and other 3rd party proframs like input mapper, reWASD, and maybe even DS4WINDOWS to natively support it. Not sure how this translates outside of those intended uses. I was expecting it to be compatible (I knew it was compatible because that Austin Evans video) Any help apprecitated! Have attempted it but the game doesn't seem to pick up the controller as an input. However, when I connect the Dualsense with the USB-C it only detects it as an audio device. Bummed to hear that this hasn’t been implemented. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Shame there is something else that is different under the hood which doesn't allow it to have the same native support the PS4 controller had. It would need new drivers to work on a PC. Thanks! In the devices page in control panel the ps5 controller has identical buttons layout and be to the PS4 controller. Steam will likely add dualsense support so i wouldn't worry about it. I've only been using my ps5 controller. It already has drivers. I have xoutput currently installed , my pc recognizes the controller and so does Cold War but I can’t move or do anything. But maybe this will help you and you can use the controller anyway :). How is it? Now I can play red dead 2 with my PS5 controller wireless and native support which means the proper PlayStation icons. This is a wrong statement. So that is how you can connect your PS5 DualSense controller to play both Steam and Non-Steam games on PC. Naw it works just fine. But more importantly developers adding native support for this controller to their new games. I have a special program to use my Dualshock 4 via bluetooth but there won't be such thing until couple of months after PS5 release. Only thing missing is the vibration and gyro but that just needs time for steam input and the 3rd party websites to support it. I know steam has a built in controller system but it doesn't feel as accurate as when it's with my ps4 controller. The Reddit home for PlayStation 5. The controller is too awesome. I got my Dualsense controller today and I was hoping to start playing on PC with it (most all of my games are on steam if this helps), like I do the PS4 controller. Has anyone tried to run a PS5 controller on the PC version of this game yet? Hello! You have to map the buttons out then use the BIG picture mode in steam to get it to work. Like all the buttons are the same and the name is the same "Wireless Controller" my guess is there is some different stuff under the hood obviously which will take a little time for steam input to add support for it as well as 3rd party programs like DS4WINDOWS, Input mapper, and reWASD. As for the many many PC games that have native support for the PS4 controller, this controller isn't compatible with them.