Construct the required enclosure; Pygmy goats need good and well-designed shelter for their safety and comfort. The Cameroon dwarf goats originated in the French Cameroon area. If we had extremely cold weather longer than a few days each winter and the goats would be spending quite a bit of day time in their shelter I would want a larger structure of at least 10 square feet per doe. You can attach a mineral feeder to the inside wall of their shed or barn. This makes them an easy target for predators, especially if the goat is vocal about having his or her head caught. Winter Goat Shelter. Make sure they have fresh, unfrozen water, Provide a shelter preferably with at least 10 square feet per animal, Increase food rations and keep those rumens rumbling, Watch out for signs of poor temperature regulation such as shivering. This provides extra heat for the goats from the composting bedding under the fresh layer. They have a 3 sided shelter they can use. You can lower the chances that your goat will get worms by making sure they always have pasture that is at least 4″ tall. Typically, the more kids, the smaller they are in size. When pastures die back, you’ll need to provide them with hay. Throughout Africa there are several types of pygmy goats. Some of these goats were captured and exported to zoos in Sweden and Germany where they were put on display. Most goats don’t like to be exposed to rain or snow and will choose to be in a dry area if possible. Success! Thanks Kelli!) In the vast majority of cases, if a human can handle the temperatures all bundled up, then a goat can handle the temperatures because they grow a thick undercoat of cashmere in winter. The pattern was actually for lambs, but it’s workimg wonderfully for my goats. They were very different in appearance from the large standard-sized dairy goats that were found in European countries at the time. Perhaps there are larger ones for older goats too? Pygmies are smaller than other livestock and can often squeeze out of fencing that other goats or larger livestock cannot. Keep an ample supply of the mineral available to them. One of my goats is very fat, and she had no trouble at all staying warm. Learn how to do this by FAMACHA scoring your goats. You can find pygmy goat babies for around $75 in the spring. They grow their own coats! Goat minerals provide ample selenium and other minerals to keep them healthy. The nutritional needs of goats will increase dramatically over the next several months, and addressing these needs is paramount for a successful kidding season. You can find these easily at your local feed stores. Learn how to do this by FAMACHA scoring your goats. One kid born will be larger than if the doe has three kids. If you give your goats feed, make sure that you aren’t giving them too much. In the winter, goats will need help staying warm. Was wondering if a large goat house with 2 rooms 4 Walls and a roof with tarpaper on it be warm enuff for my 2 adult goats? Required fields are marked *. It’s interesting to note that goats are very efficient when they eat. Pygmy goats will need less feed than larger breeds, but they still need adequate feed, hay, water and supplements. The average pygmy kid weighs between 2-4 pounds at birth. There are good goat feeds available. When you purchase a goat, it’s always a good idea to check for anemia using the FAMACHA scoring method. Your email address will not be published. In fact, many people choose to have pygmies because they can get milk from does and the doe will still be able to nurse her kids. A modern shed measures 2.4 meters by 1.8 meters and should have hay racks and benches. Provide goats with an ample supply of hay. If you have more space you can try rotating them on pasture. Goats require a lot of water to digest their food properly and will quickly go off of feed if they don’t have water to drink. However, during late fall and through the winter, forages decline precipitously in quality and quantity. The funny thing is that these questions come from Florida and Canada and Alaska and everywhere in between. Plus, they fertilize while they clean up! Farminence was founded as a way to educate people that are interested in becoming more self-sufficient. Click here for information on reviews, sponsored posts, and contact information. Also, they goats should be vaccinated and have their hooves trimmed. They will choose the most nutritious parts of plants as they graze, meaning that will proper area to graze, you’ll be out less on feed. Check the hooves for signs of damage, soreness or rain rot while you are trimming them. You may want to consider disbudding your goats if you use field fencing. To prevent accidental breeding, separate bucks and does when they are 8 weeks old as there are a few documented cases of goats breeding that soon. Make sure that if they are in your backyard, that the fence enclosing the back yard is at least four feet tall. They will call to you when they see you, come when they are called and will follow you around for attention. The pygmy breed has an interesting history that began in Africa. This means that does will come into heat for breeding when the days start to get shorter. Any hay that is wasted on the ground can be used to fill chicken nesting boxes or put into the composting bin. Unfortunately they cannot be trained to go elsewhere. I have a small farm in the woods, and the trees help from the winds, and they have a insulated house, which helps, but I still worried about them. Pygmy goats are a popular breed of goat to raise due to their social nature and small size. Aside from keeping your little loved one warm and cozy, the coats are nice for keeping your pet clean at shows, they keep your pet from bothering a surgery site, and they can also keep your pet from scratching themselves. They are extremely versatile and require less resources than other livestock species. Just like any other goat, pygmies need proper housing. No, they don’t ‘eat everything’ and they shouldn’t anyways. Keep that in mind when imagining the height of the animal, as the head is not included in the height measurement, unless indicated. Some adult meat goats can weigh close to 200 pounds. Pygmies reach sexual maturity at as early as 4-5 months of age. Here’s a quick summary of basic winter goat care: Make sure they have fresh, unfrozen water Provide a shelter preferably with at least 10 square feet per animal Increase food rations and keep those rumens rumbling Watch out for signs of poor temperature regulation such as shivering Kids should begin exploring feed, hay or pasture by one week of age. They need roughage in their diet as well. Provided with proper nutrition, they are generally pretty healthy. A heat lamp and deep bedding is usually sufficient to keep goats comfortable. Pygmy goats are best housed outdoors and not inside. find registered breeders though the National Pygmy Goat Association here. Always make sure that your goats have access to clean, drinkable water. Know a Bit About the Region Your Goat Breed Comes From. I know there are sweaters to keep goat kids warm. Pygmy goat body care. The best way to make sure that your pygmies stay healthy is to feed them correctly. Angora goats grow a thick wool coat similar to that of sheep. I have a blanket on the horse and would love to get the goat one too, but I’m worried he will just destroy/pee on it. Not all of these plants will lead to immediate death in pygmy goats. Put pygmies in a pasture with cattle, sheep or horses to clean up the brushy plants that other livestock won’t eat. If you have just a shed, adding a fresh layer of straw each day will help it stay clean. How are they different from standard sized goats? Goat feed often has added minerals like copper and selenium, which sheep don’t need as much of. How are they different from standard sized goats? But meeting a herd’s nutritional requirements during the winter months can quickly break the bank if you’re not careful. Many landowners prefer the look left behind from goats than that of heavy equipment. So if you have any suggestions. It starts growing rapidly (often within the space of a few days) in the late autumn when the first frost occurs. Last night the Billy goat almost died from being cold so I added more hay. Rose Bartiss has been raising goats near Vermontville, New York, for 10 years. In the summer you’ll notice that water troughs can become welcoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Another thing to watch out for is the presence of barber pole worms. The Nigerian is doing great but what do I do about the Billy goat to keep him warm, Also I live in maine. Pygmy goats are browsers naturally. Also, it’s not easy to potty train them. It starts growing rapidly (often within the space of a few days) in the late autumn when the first frost occurs. They can weigh as much as 85 pounds and could easily tear up things in your home. When spring arrives, they moult and lose their winter vest. This is where height is measured. When the weather starts getting chilly it’s time to start thinking about winter goat care. As long as they can get out of the wind they should be fine. We raise Angora goats, Alpines and Nubians. Pygmy goat body care. A really popular reason to own goats of any breed is for land clean up. Pygmy goats are generally pretty healthy when they are taken care of properly. If you decide to raise pygmies as pets, there are some things that you should be aware of.