100 A man flies a kite with a 100 foot string The angle of elevation of the *tang is 520 How high off the ground is the kite? 3) csc Find 2. %�쏢 $�u����(�Es��ʰ�*�'v��(�xDZx��xǰ��$�Y*ǂA�����E ��M�5�����vO��#�w_�\��E�%Aqˁ���İ���~�f$#�@�ρ�����1G�s��DN���̓t�-n����*aIS0�v�&��- ��iu+���bM�=FT� Worksheet by Kuta Software LLC Kuta Software - Infinite Precalculus Right Triangle Trigonometry Name_____ Date_____ Period____-1-Find the value of each. Φ Practice Worksheet: Right Triangle Trigonometry Find the exact value of the trig ratio for Simplify all radicals and rationalize denominators if needed. }0gj�H�^����9ϒ�p�g�,mʟeދ�dΣ|x��n���0ᯚ�n�m���5n�=%��֒��ҧū� L4{'�.�)���G��I�p����|x�juF*p}SR��R�۫^(��)��@*��:ie�1��J���m��"qS�~�J� �H��ER��6x�љ�b&r6�O�)��8;�J�}[�V��X�^�#�\H���?� h+C�s�1�M1��L�Q��n You must show equation set-up and all work/steps. ��!�&m���!���ShW��s���;k�\��F�W���EE��&~� Triangle Sum Thm. Worksheet by Kuta Software LLC Algebra 2 Right Triangle Trig Name_____ ©l b2\0R1p5N mKhuftgaP ASSojfutywTa`r_e_ rLpLXCn.V D GAEl]lL Ir\iagRhltJsZ _rVetsqeWrsv`ekdJ. %�쏢 Round answers to two decimals. Angle of Elevation & Depression Worksheet #3 Find all values to the nearest tenth. 1) sin 55° 0.8192 2) sin 66° 0.9135 3) sin A 16 30 34 B A C 0.8824 4) cos C 40 9 41 C B A 0.9756 5) cos C 16 12 20 B C A 0.8000 6) tan C 16 30 C 34 B A 1.8750 Find the missing side. Round to the nearest tenth. Ot���UR�M���De9��eu���t-����5�@&-ʤA����������r��d��ȁ�FPhAڂC�4�~ǁ�}'Ui��ʰS�4�IeةPx�׃R�΃`@a�>�[email protected]�re��(��˝1�t�wǝ�B`�&�$�KL|����M�;�ѝ GH����+}bX�&�~��#��5�mem9�;��N�����+�ҚZL` ��h�ѱ��d���IJ�0'��(��$�H���c� Round your answers to the nearest ten-thousandth. 1) csc ° 2.5593 2) tan 0.4663 Find the value of the trig function indicated. <> Find the measure of each angle indicated. 1. d~jA�������V�ِ^_��c_zC5�?6�(��wf�X S0�Au�¹;3�`������ߏ���n뎐 ڻb�*޷pGH��ls^-nZ�����@WE>-�C区V�@�*�i1��]��u���. Right Triangle Trigonometry Find the value of each trigonometric ratio to the nearest ten-thousandth. Find 3. T%Z'I;��|^ ���4g{P�6��{b�֞S\{5�bn��k�~�.�7t:ŷP!���ĵ��-��WH���`UT�|��[email protected]�i�4��+ʗPi:e��x{ܙ&��%%�e���w�2 �Gg�V�P�v�]�K�,� �1. 1) 13.9 11B A C q 2) 15 14 AB C q 3) 5 A6 B C q 4) 9 A8 x���rݸ����G��CЍ�8�Yj�d�V��V�c�=��\�5�$�[>1� I eK�R��U ����� � �oj<=�~�� ����ʠ�ˍ�������W;/��c������S;�>��x��#��B����;�����ݧ���v0��L�����yG�˜`T�afh5jl��)��A�'�N�ܞb�H��UO��ـb}%�k�+l��n�UW���6 �a��6^��4�\�� stream 5 0 obj %PDF-1.4 stream 4. <> %PDF-1.4 ���슄x|q��>����̻�>��|�T���j�����{�l�f�2�‰ VL���T�o�"h��%�pq�������hB���a�rʙ�7�bU�������(j���t�u���{�&xEKUΧs���}�na�ԃ�?/?̭�S���0q�)�#\�3������E�df���� ���+#�A�&*����F�x��(����������$��Z�,�T�P��*��@�H�����azhWD��S�oȍ�aA��=qJ������^�dU�4�U�� 6�Z��'�s��&=�͜� ��l��k��`c��ؑ�Ǝ]\*���Ă#��k-i��Ɂ�n��Z{L�4.���I�Bk�4s�kq��5/�r9���Z{M�i\��Sx��_�p�F�p�� �\�k�p�|[email protected]����Ӹ��'���{§qY�O#Zk�uX�5��)��.8/�NÜ�n���Z{�d�p#C���ڇӸ�]lt����ͧF���@,�NPZ��p�'#����qy�o�)�֮�,�ҭί �Y��[�_w��+�> �����g��p�@����\6��3ח7�e[�v�xWle�6h�4.�$�������u� �,����|�0�|H��6�`�o��ڐ�Ӹ�P�{XH��-? "TғbM�U/#�7])���϶��ȅ�>�;������raW�Ղ�oP�Q��J��5�NV�9�xܓb[���jᝠ+��x�;a�:��x���P�w&�rr��_oO�Sº;�I�e�iW��0��=؞b��ǿ���/��[email protected]�^x'וb���6�\�.���/�!��O�5 ��V�|�=�A-�����8�E��E��B��J�]Hu��"�}ەb��=)y��ӮK��M��JH�A|ߗ^�� �ۊ�k��Z�o ��:^C�d�+9�[email protected]$���0� 7) 18 69° x 6.9 8) x 20 20° 6.8-1- m%�ȁ�f �ɸT����O���WhQ�`X�D 5 0 obj ©5 n2K001 q2j RKZuzt ta Y DSJo sfdt 2w3aWr1ef YLzLECu.7 u 5A vlklw crbi gXhKtXsB grnezsfedrWvde5dM.z v GMmaYdte 2 OwuiAt0h q vI5nAf 2i4nCiFt2e m PAhlQgBeub hrOaz 62 e.e Worksheet by Kuta Software LLC Kuta Software - Infinite Algebra 2 Name_____ Right Triangle Trig. �����d�J)��[email protected]%e�LEj���*p լ�=*����������KX���k/�[email protected]�4�3Rk�AP�s`�Ap/wΝ�U�\{��*�b�α�&5����ڽ�%P��Z{�t T�M�h,ұ�Bi���(#τ(�t�c�(��跇��`�OV����v�PV���v�{ T3vp���?���L��y(���t.A Round to the nearest tenth.