Abstract One of the core elements of tourism development is to encourage local communities’ participation as it is central to the sustainability of tourism industry. This thesis discusses the participation of local communities in tourism development using a case study of local communities in Axum. Tourism development is contributing positively Community charrettes are an invaluable part of this process, allowing residents to participate, have a hands-on role in the development of their community, and feel empowered. development of sustainable tourism. Involvement of Local community in tourism Development New 6 - Duration: 10:46. In general, local people want to see decisions about tourism development in their area made jointly by government officials and local leaders in consultation with the local community. The Integrated Development Plan is our key tool in aligning these common vision and goals. The thesis focuses on three key concepts: community participation in the decision making process; community participation in the sharing of tourism benefits; and the contribution of tourism development to generate income. Study reveals that local people feel positive impact of tourism development on their community and there is positive association between tourism development and their standard of living. Why Community-Based Tourism Doesn't Always Work - Duration: 3:06. The Role of Local Government in Tourism: Local Government Perspective Minister of Tourism, Hon. people a role in the tourism development decision-making process. These should be the heart of any new project and the taking-off point for decision-making. The researchers will also investigate tourism's impact on the local community and how relationships developed by communities with tourists create sustainable rural tourism. In fact, the role of NGOs has increased substantially in recent years. Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk, ... community. Prashant Gautam 120 views. 10:46. While the literature suggests a number of roles local communities could take in tourism development, little emphasis has so far been given as to how local communities themselves feel about this.