He lives a lavish lifestyle. Net worth Source of wealth 1 Vajiralongkorn: King of Thailand Thailand: $43 billion — $30 … He also has an estimated net worth of $4 billion. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Crown Property Bureau is the entity in charge of managing the wealth of King Bhumibol. ), A Party Casino spokesman said: "The UK Royals are worth £68 billion ($88 billion) overall and there are 16 members which mean on average they are each worth £4.25 billion ($5.5 billion. Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, Former King of Spain, Spain: £1.8 billion ($2.3 billion), According to the study, Queen Elizabeth II came in 17th place, with an estimated net worth of £464 ($600 million. Stenhammar Castle is the country residence of the royal family, who leases the home from the state government. The family has also made multiple investments in other African countries in the telecommunications industry, in renewable energy and in the banking and financial sectors. He is married to his Queen, Sonja and the couple live in the Royal Palace at Oslo. King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is a king in Saudi Arabia. He became the King in July of 1999, upon the passing of his father. As a ruler, he has gained his fortune from a variety of different enterprises. Have you ever wondered just how much members of the royal families of the world are worth? Albert has a personal net worth of $1 billion and he’s the ninth richest royal in the world today. House of Al Thani, Qatar: £259 billion ($335 billion), 4.) The study also looked at the wealth of individual royals and found the UK's family to be lacking again. Al Nahyan family, United Arab Emirates: £116 billion ($150 billion), 5.) He assumed the throne in 1973 whle just a young man of 27 years. He also enjoys a luxury yacht. He and his family are among Europe’s wealthiest. Also included in his wealth are shares in teh Siam Commercial bank and in Siam Cement. READ MORE: Queen Elizabeth II knocked off rich list by billionaire royals, 1.) Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia: £13 billion ($18 billion), 4.) His estimated net worth is placed at $4 billion. House of Saud, Saudi Arabia: £1 trillion ($1.4 trillion), 2.) As the chairman of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, he has made the bulk of his personal fortune. She is the richest member of her family. Beatrix was formerly Queen of the Netherlands, but she abdicated her royal throne in 2013. She has holdings in Royal Dutch Shell as well as in other varied enterprises. We’ve researched the net worth of the richest royals in the world for 2019, and here are the top 20 for your enjoyment and information. He inherited the throne in February of 1999 when his father King Hussein died. He has a personal net worth of an estimated $3.5 billion. Net worth: $100 million As the next in line to the English throne, Prince Charles reigns over the highest British royal family net worth after Queen Elizabeth: $100 million . Azim of Brunei, Prince of Brunei, Brunei: £3.25 billion ($4.2 billion), 7.) This is no big change from the lifestyle that he was accustomed to living prior to becoming king. newspaper archive. He has a personal net worth of an estimated $3.5 billion. King Carl XVI Gustaf is the ruler of Sweden. Mohammed has a personal net worth that is in the billions and he spends up to a million dollars a day for personal palace expenses. He is the son of Prince Rainier, who passed away, along with his famous mother, Princess Grace, who prior to becoming royalty, was an American movie star named Grace Kelly. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express It’s the place where many jet-setters go for a week or a weekend of fun and entertainment. The last reports indicated that the estate includes more than three thousand acres of property located within the central region of Bangkok. How Do You Even Pronounce Patek Philippe? As king of Saudi Arabia, he enjoys the comforts that he people are willing to afford him, which are numerous. He made his fortune in the oil and gas industry in the development sector in the country of Brunei. The Norwegian state spends approximately $72 million per year to support their royal lifestyle, but a good portion of this is spent in the protection of the family when they’re at home or out and about. The second richest royal is the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah. They are owners of their summer home Solliden Palace which is located on Oland, a Baltic island. King Felipe and his family cost the country of Spain roughly $9 million per year in support of their royal lifestyle, but we really don’t hear many complaints. Royal Family net worth: The FOUR royal families richer than Britain's. Her academic degrees include AA social Sci/BA English/MEd Adult Ed & Community & Human Resource Development and ABD in PhD studies in Indust & Org Psychology. Hans-Adam II is the ruler of Liechtenstein. The Sultan is said to have a collection of over 600 Rolls Royce vehicles. 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