It can handle different HTTP Request Method such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE. JAX-RS stands for JAVA API for RESTful Web Services. The term REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer. This chapter describes the REST architecture, RESTful web services, and the Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS, defined in JSR 339). In a client-server communication, REST … JAX-RS (JSR-311) is a Java API that enables quick and easy development of Java RESTful services. JAX-RS … Here is some information to be aware of when developing a REST plugin module: The REST module is based on JAX-RS. By using a RESTful Web Service, we can then implement a Micro Service architecture in our application. JAX-RS is a JAVA based programming language API and specification to provide support for created RESTful Web Services. The API provides an annotation-based model for describing distributed resources. 29 Building RESTful Web Services with JAX-RS. Specifically, it uses Jersey, which is the JAX-RS … Its 2.0 version was released on the 24th May 2013. Annotations are used to provide resource location, resource representation, and a pluggable data binding architecture. JAX-RS is an API that can serve different request to an application. In this article, learn how you can use JAX-RS to realize the potential of a RESTful … JAX-RS makes it easy for developers to build RESTful … Creating a Simple Application using JAX-RS … Notes on REST API and Plugin Development JAX-RS and Jersey. It is an architectural style that defines a set of rules in order to create Web Services.