Also daily deaths have steadily been increasing. Characterizing the duration of a journey, especially when it is long, e.g. [40], On 9 May, with the 2020 Moscow Victory Day Parade postponed, celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of the surrender of Nazi Germany were reduced. [231], For the clerics of the Russian Orthodox Church, only those serving in Russia are included, On 25 April 2020, it was reported that doctors had published and were updating a public list of colleagues who had died during the pandemic which, as of 19 November, has 838 names. He also said that IT companies would benefit from an ultra-low tax regime and profits tax for them would be cut from 20% to 3%. For reflexive verbs -ся/-сь suffix is added in the end. [96][97][98], On 2 June, the Russian Academy of Sciences announced the results of a study of 76 patients that showed that 71% of patients with acute respiratory failure could be treated with non-invasive lung ventilation provided this was applied in the early stages. Like adjectives and numerals, letter "г" (g) in masculine and neuter 3rd person genitive and accusative forms is pronounced as "в" (v): (н)его – (н)ево. Oppositional coordinations are formed with the help of the oppositional conjunctions: а "and"~"but", но "but", одна́ко "however", зато́ "on the other hand", же "and"~"but", etc. Russia, or the Russian Federation, is a transcontinental country located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia.It extends from the Baltic Sea in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east, and from the Arctic Ocean in the north to the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in the south. It also outlines structural changes to labour regulations, including a new hourly minimum wage to support part-time work, encourage employment and decrease the size of the shadow economy. [49] On 2 June, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the government would launch a 5 trillion ruble ($73 billion) recovery plan in the next month to counteract the pandemic's economic impact. [11][9], On 31 January, the first two cases in the country were confirmed, one in Tyumen, Tyumen Oblast, and another one in Chita, Zabaykalsky Krai. walking, crawling, running, whereas prefixes denote path, e.g. In Russian it has the suffix -ть/-ти (the latter is used after consonants), or ends with -чь (but -чь is not a suffix of a verb). Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. [citation needed] Local governments have also responded to the pandemic by imposing their own preventive measures in their communities. 2These verbs are palatalised in certain cases, namely с → ш for all the present forms of "писа́ть", and д → ж in the first person singular of the other verbs. She also said that a list of more countries was being worked on by authorities on a mutual basis. It said in a statement that "COVID-19 as a main or an accompanying cause of death was registered in 5,260 cases". [157], On 30 March, owners of hotels and restaurants asked the government for 1-year tax deferral and other fiscal measures. Его друзья винят коронавирус", "Иван Щеголев умер после заражения коронавирусом", "Умер заразившийся коронавирусом режиссер Сергей Литовец", "От коронавируса умер старейший артист РАМТ и голос Дарта Вейдера", "Ведущий "Русского лото" Михаил Борисов умер от коронавируса", "Дирижер Александр Ведерников умер от коронавируса", "Российские врачи опубликовали список умерших от коронавируса коллег", "34-летний сотрудник ФСО умер от COVID-19. A few adjectives have irregular forms that are declined as usual adjectives: большо́й 'big' – бо́льший 'bigger', хоро́ший 'good' – лу́чший 'better'. The infection spread from Italy In practice it is more common to answer "нет" and subsequently extend with a negated verb paralleling the usage in English. For example, the words in the phrase "я пошёл в магазин" ('I went to the shop') can be arranged: while maintaining grammatical correctness. [139], On 1 April, a Russian military plane was sent to the United States to deliver medical equipment. [205], Despite the fact that a conscription started on 1 April, conscripts won't be sent to duty stations until 20 May. [90], On 8 November 2020, Russia reported 20,498 new coronavirus infections and 286 coronavirus-related deaths. in negative sentences: Mentioned by explorers other than Zaliznyak as still alive and neutral -учи form. It said it would consider applications from 6 more companies. Unlike English, Russian uses the same form for a possessive adjective and the corresponding possessive pronoun. Petersburg. [156] On 26 March, a petition signed by publishing houses and bookshops pleading for support was published. Главное", "Путин объявил о регистрации вакцины от коронавируса в России", "Путин объявил о регистрации в РФ вакцины вопреки мнению экспертов", "Россия получила запрос на 1 млрд доз вакцины против коронавируса", "Глава Минпромторга сделал прививку от коронавируса", "Путин рассказал о начале учебного года в условиях коронавируса", "Глава Роспотребнадзора подтвердила начало учебного года в очной форме", "СМИ узнали об открытии российских границ для иностранных студентов", "Не попавшие в Россию зарубежные студенты в пандемию начнут учебу удаленно", "Russia's coronavirus case tally passes one million mark", "Разработчик вакцины назвал сроки ее массового тестирования в Москве", "Жириновский сделал прививку от коронавируса", "Вице-мэры Москвы вакцинировались от коронавируса вслед за Собяниным", "Собянин сделал прививку от коронавируса", "Шойгу сообщил о своем состоянии после вакцинации от COVID-19", "Первую партию российской вакцины от COVID выпустили в гражданский оборот", "Первые выборы в России во время пандемии. Vocative case   Active cases вы́йдешь 'go out'. When a preposition is used directly before a third-person pronoun, it is prefixed with н-: у него (read: у нево), с неё, etc. Muscovites were not allowed to leave their homes except in cases of emergency medical care and other threats to life and health, to travel to work for those who are obliged to, to make purchases in the nearest shop or pharmacy, to walk pets at a distance not exceeding 100 metres from the place of residence, as well as to take out the garbage. Ва́сю – (who?) He also said that "one of the biggest secrets in statistics is that it's practically impossible to manipulate" and that "if we're talking about a qualitative indicator with a developed methodology, then any attempt to affect the final numbers by distorting the input data will become immediately evident". [46] On 30 May, Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said that vaccine tests were under way and that clinical trials were planned to begin in the next two weeks. He approached the girl to ask for her number. : Word order may also be used for this purpose; compare. In Russian, it applies to nouns, pronouns, adjectives, numerals and participles with a set of word endings (sounds/letters attached to the ends of words) that show the grammatical roles of words in a sentence. Apr A group of irregular "different-declension nouns" (Russian: разносклоняемые существительные), consists of a few neuter nouns ending in -мя (e.g. The psychological difference between the two is quite obvious. [29][30] Later, the non-working period was prolonged twice, lasting until 11 May.