The Samsung RF28R7351SG (available at Best Buy for $2,199.99) French door fridge provides the style, functionality, and features to make it a standout. The Samsung RF28R7351SG has an adjustable deli drawer. Samsung Refrigerators: If you’re still not sure which style of refrigerator you are looking for but you know you want a Samsung, then take a look a this article to learn more about which styles of refrigerators Samsung makes. Considering how many French door refrigerators there are in the Samsung line, we tried to narrow down your search by picking Samsung French door refrigerator reviews that we felt were the best 4 refrigerators french door, and covered all possible needs. Samsung French door refrigerator reviews are the first step in looking for a French door refrigerator made by Samsung. Regular stainless steel costs about $100 less than the other colors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. When we measured, we found significantly less space than the 24 cu. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Get smarter about what you're buying. The smart features are designed with family in mind, featuring functionality that helps organize via a family … These French door refrigerators' convenient style, with its food-saving features and cool innovations, is soaring in popularity and for good reason. • Usable space: We measured 10.3 cu. This article should help you figure a few things out. Leafy greens may suffer, though fruits like apples should be okay. In case the four model above didn't take care of what you were looking for, here's a few other Samsung French door refrigerators: With so many to choose from, here are the top five Smart Refrigerator Reviews to help you make the best choice. They have two open-out doors and a freezer section, allowing for a large storage space. We’re somewhat concerned about the crisper drawers, which don’t hold humidity, so if you buy this refrigerator, plan to use your kale quickly. Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Reviews: The heck with information, just give me the top 3 Samsung side by side refrigerator reviews already! Storage room might also be a consideration. This model functions well in a modern kitchen, with plenty of useful features: • Samsung’s design aesthetic, which includes our test model’s family-friendly fingerprint-resistant black stainless steel finish and four-door layout. Samsung Side by Side Refrigerators: Not sure if French door is the right style for you? Make sure you read all four as each one is truly different. • Bright LED lighting, which illuminates the food in every corner. Its unique properties include the touchscreen door, voice activation/control using Bixby’s Assistant, and steady notifications/alerts on the status of the items in the fridge. We measured the average fridge temperature at 38.6°F, which is perfectly safe, though you could set it down a degree to the optimal 37°F. • The FlexZone cold drawer in the middle, offering four temperature settings to allow you to adjust for preserving deli, soft drinks, meat, and wine. • Good energy efficiency, with an estimated annual running cost of $44. Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Reviews: Interested in reading reviews on the top 4 Samsung bottom freezer refrigerators on the market today? ft. in the freezer. More of the Best Kitchen Gadgets we've seen this year! as well as being one of the largest counter depth refrigerators on the market at 23 cubic feet. ft. was all we found there. Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton Owners of this refrigerator especially like the self-filling water pitcher inside the refrigerator. It keeps a steady temperature, stores your favorite foods in a door-in-door compartment, and lets you adjust the temperature in the cold drawer depending on what you want to store there. When you press a button on the handle, the door to the Food Showcase opens (on right). Content from this site may only be reused with written permission from, Content from this site may only be reused with written permission from, The Best Wine Refrigerators on the Market Today. The temperature is adjustable, which allows to you use the space to chill beverages, cold cuts, meat, or wine. The metal plate in the back of the fridge helps keep it appropriately cold, but it takes up some storage space. The sleek stainless steel finish complements the integrated 21.5” touchscreen, from which you can control your fridge freezer, or check in on upcoming appointments through the calendar app. Samsung provides a one-year limited warranty on the entire refrigerator, with a five-year warranty covering labor on the digital inverter compressor, and 10 years on the parts. • Consistent temperature in the fridge and freezer to preserve food well. The Samsung RF28R7351SG looks like many French door refrigerators when it's closed (on left). The adjustable temperature deli drawer, auto-fill water pitcher, and bright lighting scheme get positive mentions, along with the fingerprint-resistant finish. You also don't get all of the claimed freezer capacity of 8.3 cu. Still, we found a lot of positives in this full-featured model. French door Refrigerators: You definitely want a French door refrigerator but don’t know which brand works best for your needs? Your refrigerator is the most visible appliance in your kitchen, so you might as well get one that looks sleek and stylish while it's preserving your groceries. ft. of usable storage space in the refrigerator and 4.99 cu. OVERVIEW: This 3 door Samsung French door counter depth refrigerator comes with many bells and whistles (ice/water dispenser, door alarm, Energy Star rated, etc.) It’s not a perfect fridge—the crisper drawers don’t hold onto humidity well and we measured less capacity than the manufacturer claims. Owners of this refrigerator especially like the self-filling water pitcher inside the refrigerator. LG Refrigerator Reviews - Updated for 2020. • Less capacity than claimed especially in the refrigerator section. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. We use standardized and scientific testing methods to scrutinize every product and provide you with objectively accurate results. Kyle Hamilton is a product tester at Reviewed, specializing in home appliances and technology. The crisper drawers do not retain humidity well. Then this article is for you! Here's our Samsung RF323TEDBWW Refrigerator Review, Here our the Top 3 Wine Refrigerators on the market today. The freezer averaged -0.8°F, and anything under 0° preserves food very well. ©2020 Reviewed, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network LLC. Read the full review. Related Articles to Samsung French Door Refrigerator Reviews. ft. of space in the refrigerator, but we measure only 10.3 cubic feet. In her spare time, Cindy hosts pledge programs for WGBH-TV in Boston and other public television stations. • A built-in water pitcher that fills automatically with filtered water and includes an infuser for fruit or tea bags. Each category combines style and function with visible features such as "food-showcase door" (a.k.a. • The door-in-door setup, which Samsung calls "Food Showcase," makes it easy to grab favorite foods without opening the main doors and letting cold air out.