These were delicious but I changed the recipe a little. Yes, these garlic and herb sweet potatoes would taste delicious with any number of fresh herbs. How to Store Roasted Sweet Potatoes. Although Olive Oil is good for you it's best in very small amounts. These savory roasted sweet potatoes keep well in the fridge if stored in an airtight container. Rosemary would probably work in this recipe, as would a little oregano. I have a pumper spray filled with EVOO (not a pressurized can because it leaves a residue on your pans) I toss the cut fries with the spray and seasionings at the same time and use a convection oven at 425 which made them very crisp and delicious. More Sweet Things Can I Use Different Herbs in This Savory Sweet Potato Recipe? Sweet Potato Recipes You'll Swear By 45 Photos From stuffed to mashed, these sweet potato recipes from Food Network will turn your table into a celebration of seasonal flavor.