The Seagull guitars will have a 1-3/4" nut (wider) and much chunkier neck profiles. The lead guitarist in our band bought a seagull many moons ago, whilst on his gap year in Canada. Seagull guitars are extremely underrated. ... S6. The Artist Mosaic sounds and plays just as good as any $3000+ guitar out there. The Taylors will have a 1-11/17" nut (narrower) and the neck will be more slender. Forget about the big brand names like Fender and Ibanez, and get yourself a real acoustic guitar. I went to Guitar Center to check out Seagull guitars because EVERYONE says they're the best for the money so I was pretty excited. S6 Classic Black A/E. You’ll find that seagull equipment is much better value. I wouldn't spend over $550 on a Seagull. These guitars set the standard in amazing quality and excellence in tone. Now, I want a to buy a larger and better quality guitar... either a Simon and Patrick - Showcase Mahogany or Seagull - Artist Mosaic Element (Mahogany). Seagull sent us an Artist Mosaic Element acoustic to review. The sides and backs are laminated with 3 layers of beautiful wild cherry, giving the overtones of this guitar sounding somewhere between the warmth of pure Mahogany and the crisp, brightness of a hard Maple guitar. Artist Mosaic Concert Hall CW Bourbon Burst GT Anthem EQ. Seagull is a Canadian guitar maker responsible for some very innovative and attractive acoustic instruments. 8 years ago. Seagull Artist Mosaic at a Glance: Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic Guitar. Seagull is a Canadian company that produces handmade acoustic guitars. Seagull's are great fingerstle guitars. S6 Cedar Original SLIM QIT. Seagull Artist Mosaic Acoustic: Is This The Guitar For You? Though the one I really wanted to try was not there (Artist Mosaic) I tried the S6 and the Maritime and to be honest, was pretty disappointed with the sound. It was very very bright. Seagull's are great guitars but popular models like the S6 are $350 new. Whether you have mastered the guitar, or are looking to take on a new craft, the Seagull brand has a broad range of instruments available to fit your playing style. Seagull Acoustic Guitars. #1 Seagull (S6) Original Series: The Seagull originals are award-winning, middle to low budget range guitars with incredible high-end quality, sound and playability. I bought an Art & Lutherie Legacy last fall... and have grown to like it's sound. The Artist Mosaic, SG Original and Maritime SWS are a breath of fresh air for players who are tired of the same old, same old when it comes to acoustic guitars. The Artist series sits at the top of the Seagull range, made from hand selected tonewoods and built by a select few luthiers to ensure the highest quality guitars that the brand produces.