It is light in color in shades of rustic-red and orange colors. Nov 7, 2009. The officially recognized varieties of Welsummer include gold duckwing and silver duckwing. I have eggs that may be 1/2 SF … Bantams exist in both Partridge and Silver Duckwing colours but are quite rare in North America. She tolerates confinement well but prefers to be roaming the fields. Useful to Know: UK Standard has not been revised since 1932. Nov 25, 2007 3,508 20 244 High Desert, CA. I've seen both listed for welsummers and I don't know which is accurate. But they pick it up again when Spring arrives. This breed is auto-sexed which means the males and females look different as chicks. The Welsummer chicken is a large dual-purpose bird. Crele Welsummers are standardised as The Welbar. Health Issues Welsummer cockerel 2018 hatched and has produced good stock comes with 2 of this years unrelated Welsummer pullets approaching POL more pullets available if... . 25 days ago. The back should be long and flat, almost horizontal. Egg Laying. Photo: Red partridge Welsummer male. Another variety is the Bantam Chicken. Report. It is extremely popular because of its production of colorful eggs. Welsummer Bantams . The American Bantam Association classifies them as single comb, clean legged. The bantam variety of Welsummers was created back in the 1930s in both England and … Partridge, silver duckwing and gold duckwing are the most popular color variations. Welsummer eggs are terra cotta brown with speckles. Eggs. Per DIY Seatle. Mr. Weihs is a long time Welsummer breeder and has imported German bloodlines in for his flock. Thread starter #1 BarkerChickens Microbrewing Chickenologist. Sort by reaction score Thread starter BarkerChickens; Start date Nov 7, 2009 ••• More options Who Replied? The Welsummer can lay about 160 to 250 eggs every year. 12 Years. There are variations of color as well; Silver Duckwing, Gold Duckwing, and Partridge. The recognized variety is partridge, but there are also silver duckwing and gold duckwing varieties out there. Welsummer Chicken Care Guide. Some details are not achievable, such as ‘upright’. During winter, they tend to stop producing eggs. This variability implies that Welsummer are not the most excellent birds when it comes to egg production. Colours: Red-Partridge, Silver Duckwing (Standardised UK), Silver, Golden (both rare and only exist in Germany). Some used to think that the eggs were a trick as the dark colouring can be removed when the egg is scrubbed. £30 . the breed had been brought into Canada from Germany and has been bred in Germany for many generations. Lydney, Gloucestershire. Welsummers - duckwing or partridge? The standard sized Welsummer lays large eggs which are a terracotta dark brown, often with dark speckles. This strain of Silver Duckwing Welsummer Bantam came into the United States through Canada and were imported by Erhard Weihs at Kummer Poultry. Some of the disqualifying factors can be white earlobes, feathers on the shanks and irregular points on the comb.